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Sinema Nashville

Sinema Nashville


Sinema is a awesome semi-newer restaurant in Nashville located in the historic Melrose theatre. When you walk in the door you are met by their friendly staff where you can get a table or go upstairs to their lounge.  The upstairs is really cool with a lot of different types of seating areas as well as a full bar. There is always a movie playing to enjoy (hence the name/location). 


But the cocktails are the real hit.  One of these drinks below is just not enough. They are seasonal and carefully created by the bartender. 

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After drinks go downstairs and enjoy their list of wines, cocktails, and appetizers. I recommend One by Land, Three by Sea,
Seared Beef Carpaccio, Smoked Salmon Salad, Crispy Octopus, Dill Mustard Fingerlings, Tobiko Vinaigrette
(the menu does change though)
You can also catch their happy hour in the lounge through out the week! 
But if you want to really have a great time check out their brunch. They serve a table side make-your-own mimosa bar!


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