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Restaurant Review: Bacon and Butter in Sacramento, CA

Restaurant Review: Bacon and Butter in Sacramento, CA

There’s a lot of places for brunch in and around Sacramento, CA at the moment delivering top-notch food. And why wouldn’t they since it is known as the farm to fork capital. 

It seems to me that the Sacramento brunch scene is a bit fussy for it’s own good. I guess a big heap of greasy fried food isn’t considered pretty or “Instagram worthy” these days, so chefs are being pushed to make their food look pretty. That is what brought us into Bacon & Butter Saturday morning. A delicious looking instagram picture. So just like half of the food bloggers on Instagram, we visited. 

After about a 25 minute wait we were seated. I am used to a little wait for great food, so it was not a big deal. It is a smaller place and I did hear that the wait could be much longer at other times. But first things first, Mimosa. It was very reasonable for a carafe at $15.  I was grateful that it was made with good champagne with just a splash of OJ. No one likes a Sunday hangover from cheap champagne or a stomach ache from too much orange acid. Of course no brunch trip is complete without a coffee, and mine went down smooth.

Now to start on a high note the real winner of the day were the bacon and egg flapjacks, which were nothing short of heavenly. These were delicious and fluffy topped with bacon maple syrup and churro chicharon. The rich hotcakes made a great brunch dessert, perfect for sharing. 

After much deliberation and recommendation from the server, I ordered the B & B Burger. Unfortunately, I was not impressed. It was underwhelming, lacking salt and all the flavor I love getting in a nice juicy burger. My sunny egg was already busted covering the brioche making it soggy before arriving. The potatoes were also just okay, lacking season. But do not get me wrong I ate it all and finished it (minus the soggy bread). The bacon mixed in the ground beef was the saving grace, plus I was really hungry. I wish I chose the grilled cheese benedict instead. We also noticed the fruit bowls stayed pre-made on the pass the entire time we were there. Not sure if I would have been up for fruit that sits out all day. 

The decor and cleanliness of the place is spot on. There is not WiFi so it makes it hard to instagram in real-time, but I am sure it gets people moving in and out of the door quicker. There is only one stall in the bathroom so that made for a line down the hall the entire time we were there. 

The checks are delivered in these awesome novels, with signatures covering the pages of previous customers. 

Overall it was just okay. Not worth the 25 minute wait in my opinion, but on a weekday without a wait maybe. The staff is super friendly and you can tell they love working there. We rate it a 3.5/5. Let us know your thoughts!

bacon & butter
5913 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95820

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