Twang and Round Talk Food and Thankgiving Favorites

Twang and Round Talk Food and Thankgiving Favorites

We caught up with Twang and Round a duo from Kentucky that put a hip hop spin on their country way of life. With a brand new music video for their latest single, “La Di Da Di” catching our eyes and ears, we thought we’d catch up with them to talk about their food favorites.

B&B: Obviously we like to talk about food. What food fuels your mornings??
Round: I don’t eat much in the morning, but if the timing is right, I’d tear up some biscuits n gravy. I feel bad for folks up north. Can’t order it nowhere up there.
Twang: I love the classic southern breakfast bacon, sausage, eggs, and biscuits and gravy

B&B: Do you cook? If so, What is your favorite dish to cook?
Round: honey hickory smoked, guacamole burgers
Twang: I love to cook. My stuffed peppers are my specialty

B&B: What is your unhealthy guilty pleasure?
Round: Bertie’s Milkshakes from Brownsville Ky
Twang: Country fried steak with white gravy

B&B: Name 3 foods you cannot stand to eat.
Round: Olives, Sardines, anchovies
Twang: liver, squid, and prunes

B&B:You are at a restaurant, what drink do your order with your dinner?
Round: Sweet Tea or Dr Pepper
Twang: Usually just an ice cold draft beer or a sweet tea

B&B: What 3 things are always in your grocery cart?
Round: Woodchips , BBQ sauce , Cokes “dr pepper”
Twang: Beef, fish, and chicken

B&B: You must travel a lot with your music, do you have a favorite restaurant out there you have to visit if you are in a certain city?
Round: The Shed BBQ and Blues joint in Biloxi Mississippi
Twang: Golden Corral

B&B: Favorite Nashville restaurant?
Round: Flying Saucer is pretty good
Twang: The Melting Pot

B&B: What is your favorite childhood cereal
Round: Captain Crunch
Twang: Fruity Pebbles

B&B: Favorite ice cream?
Round: Cookies n Cream
Twang: Half Baked Ben and Jerry’s

B&B: What is one Thanksgiving tradition you have?
Round: Smoking a ham
Twang: To eat everything in sight

B&B: What is your favorite dish at the Thanksgiving table?
Round: Smoked brown sugar ham, deviled eggs, mash potatoes.
Twang: Cranberry sauce and dressing.

B&B: What is your favorite dish to cook? If you have the recipe handy, we’d love to share it.
Round: Double brown sugar honey hickory ham. Put upside in the pan so it doesn’t dry out while smoking Put on smoker with hickory wood and a water bowl. Put a foil tent over the ham. Smoke for about 6 hours. Bring in. Take brown sugar , and water , on stove top, heat it up , until mixed , drizzle into the slices. Shake some honey hickory seasoning and guacamole seasoning into the slices. Drizzle some real honey in there for a bonus. Wrap several times with foil. Put in oven for bout a 1 on 350 degrees. Bangin!
Twang: Don’t really have any recipes

B&B: Are you a turkey or ham eater?
Round: Both but I cook ham more
Twang: Definitely Ham

B&B: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?
Round: Cheesecake or Red velvet
Carrot Cake banana pudding pecan pie

B&B: Where will you spend your Thanksgiving.
Round: I’m not sure. It changes from year to year.
Twang: In Kentucky with family

B&B: How soon is too soon to start decorating for Christmas?
Round: Not before Thanksgiving. I’ll always wanted to keep my tree up all year to do the different holidays but I’m usually tired of it by March.
Twang: Never too early to decorate for Christmas

B&B: Name 3 things you are thankful for this year.
Round: Health, Family and opportunity
Twang: My health, my soul being saved, and my friends and family

For more on Twang and Round visit http://www.twangandround.net/

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