We’re Seriously In Love with Muscadine Bloodline

We’re Seriously In Love with Muscadine Bloodline

Seriously, we cannot get enough of this duo. From their “old” music, to their covers, new music and now, they are giving us unreleased music. Charlie’s vocals with Gary’s harmonies, just hit is right in our musical souls. One of our 2018 “Artists to Watch” we’re not certain why they aren’t already on the top of the chart. Like, consistently… Have you heard them? With a new EP dropping April 27, maybe THIS is their moment.

For some time now we have followed Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster. We were hooked the minute we heard “Porch Swing Angel.” A video that has since seen almost 3.5 million views. You can count us in for a good 3,000 of those. Haven’t heard it? You are missing out it is one of our all time favorites. Men, you aren’t trying hard enough if you haven’t found your Porch Swing Angel.

When they released their self titled EP Muscadine Bloodline in 2017, we could feel their hearts beating on the outside of their chests. They were coming in to their music and we felt every part of it. Their was raw emotion and realness to every single song on that record. Songs about love, fathers, Jesus and we loved every bit of it. We’ll tell you our favorite song on that EP was “Crickets and Cane Poles.” A song about a feeling that sadly, way too many people have endured. A song that would likely never make it to mainstream radio, a song about a subject that is often overlooked.

COVERS, did we mention they do covers? Muscadine Monday covers to be exact. Phew wee hearing these guys sing some of the biggest hits out there and old songs, just shows their versatility. They could sing the phone book and we’d listen. But guys… we sure wish you’d put the whole song up. Pretty please? You hit us right in the feels with this one old school country song.

Just last month, Charlie and Gary decided to give us a special treat by providing us with unreleased music. These guys are great at being lyrically different. Putting a concept, an idea, a deep raw emotional thought in to verses and verses of amazing music that may never even be heard. Listen to “Enemy” and you’ll see exactly what we are talking about. THANK YOU, for letting us in on these songs that may never be cut.

In January the guys dropped, “Movin On,” on us. And it’s an upbeat breakup song that did not disappoint, but does any of their songs? nope. Stepping up their game and learning more about their sound and their music, Charlie and Gary are continuing to make hits. Hits to us anyway. These songs should be chart toppers! And we aren’t certain why they are not.

Most recently they let us in on another song off the EP out April 27th. “Can’t Tell You No.” AKA, I’m wooped, I’m wrapped around your finger, you my BAE, whatever all the cool kids say now. This is a love song about being totally smitten with someone and not giving a care in the world about who knows or what they think about it. You find the one you can’t tell no, and you keep them!

We are not afraid to admit we are seriously in love with Muscadine Bloodline. With the new EP dropping at the end of this month, our fingers and toes are crossed for Charlie and Gary. We hope this record soars to the top where it deserves to be. We are forever and have always been Bloodline junkies. We know there is a reason we told everyone to keep their eyes on you this year. THIS is your year and we know it!

Everyone, make sure you pre-order the “Movin On” EP which we be out on April 27th everywhere. In the meantime go FOLLOW them everywhere! It’s as simple as clicking below.

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