Junior Johnson – A Moonshine Legacy

Junior Johnson – A Moonshine Legacy


In 2007, Junior’s life came full circle when he became part owner of Piedmont Distillers. Junior was in the moonshine business again, except this time it was legal. Junior worked with our founder (Joe Michalek) to develop Midnight Moon. When time came to taste Midnight Moon for the first time, Joe called on Junior at the mechanics shop on his old farm. Like usual, he was cooking breakfast for his farm hands and friends. Joe waited while Junior and his boys taste-tested what would become Midnight Moon Original. Then finally, one of the guys said, “Damn Junior. We’ve been trying to make moonshine this good for 50 years.” Made from American corn, Midnight Moon brings together the moonshine of the past with the know-how of today, to give you the best tasting moonshine you’ll ever have.

You can learn all about this legal moonshine, it’s history and flavors at



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  1. Hosting Italia

    July 18, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    We used to make our own apple pie moonshine with slices of apples and a cinnamon stick. Junior Johnson apple pie moonshine is pretty darn good, add a few apple slices to bring out even more apple flavor!

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