This New Country Artist Has Completely Won Our Hearts

This New Country Artist Has Completely Won Our Hearts

Jimmie Allen… Don’t know him? You will. Jimmie Allen has us swooming to the sounds of his self titled EP Jimmie Allen. Released a few months back we still have it on repeat.

Allen, a native of Southern Delaware, lives with a Never Give Up attitude.

“I didn’t quit, I never will,” he says. “Stuff ain’t easy, and you shouldn’t quit either. There’s a big difference between busting your ass, and sitting on it.”

You can literally feel Allen’s heart and soul on his new EP and we thought we’d give you a track by track breakdown of our thoughts.

Track 1 “Blue Jean Baby” This is the first track that caught our ear and made us stop and listen. It’s fun fresh new take on an old concept. A small town girl and her blue jeans. A love that didn’t last, but love that didn’t end bitterly. This track is a roll your windows down, ride down a back road, reminiscing song.

Track 2 “The Underdogs” The older we get the more we realize It’s not always about being on top. The climb is half of the journey. The song is about just what the title says, The Underdogs. A motivational song from the start. Everyone love’s a good underdog story. It reminds you to never give up, just as Allen has not in his musical journey.

Track 3 “Best Shot” Hand Down the 2018 wedding song of the year. This one hit us right in the feels. The lyrics in this song are relationship goals for sure. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, no one is perfect. But as long as we give it our “Best Shot,” that’s all our significant other can ask for. It is just a genuinely sweet song.. so sweet.

Track 4: Back of Your Mind  This is our typical being with him thinking of you song. Physically you are with him, mentally you are thinking me. The saga of making sure you are with the person who makes you feel complete. Super catchy tune and we like it.

Track 5: Home to You The most rocking track on the EP will have you movin in your seat. A happy little tune about something that started as nothing, but led to something more. A tune that will have you tappin your toes and missing that someone.

Our favorite track is “Best Shot” but man we love them all!

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Quick story behind my song “Best Shot” 🤘🏽🔹🔊

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