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Foodie Friday: Canadian Songwriter Terra Lightfoot on Eating Around the World and Her New Album, New Mistakes

Foodie Friday: Canadian Songwriter Terra Lightfoot on Eating Around the World and Her New Album, New Mistakes

Good Afternoon Terra! Thank you so much for talking with Battered and Brewed!What was a typical dinner or family meal like for you growing up?
My mom historically boiled vegetables until they were dead and my dad still likes to burn everything on the barbecue, haha. I guess we were a pretty standard meat and potatoes family. My parents definitely eat healthier now.
My mom has always been the best baker, she makes amazing cakes and pies from scratch. She even picks the fruit for the filling. Her baking is famous in our giant family.

Can you remember cooking with your family at an early age?
My grandmother was pretty low-key in the kitchen, she never had a lot of money, but she made a mean soft-boiled egg and would cut up the toast in strips and call them “soldiers.” It was mine and my brother’s favourite meal basically forever and we used to get to help with the toast.
When my stepdad first came into the fold, my mom actually asked him to babysit me while she went on a date. I was three. She came home to find me and him laughing like crazy. We were covered in chocolate icing and there were burnt cupcakes in the oven. I don’t think she went on a second date with the other guy.

Was there ever music playing in the kitchen growing up?
Not one song. I was so deprived, it was musical deprivation. Ha. I didn’t discover music and cooking until I was a teenager when I would madly chop vegetables on our tempered glass cutting board at all hours of the night. My poor parents.

Do you cook as much as you can when off the road or do you prefer eating out?
I absolutely adore cooking when I’m home. I find the chopping of anything to be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. I love to have friends and family over and cook for them too.

@terralightfoot Strawberry Saga Part Deux: Silence of the Jams.

Which three things are always in your home refrigerator?
Well not a lot, since I’m always on the road. I’ve always got frozen berries in the freezer. Moishe’s pickles are always in the fridge and in the spice cupboard my current obsession is coriander seed. It goes in/on *everything*.

What food is your food vice? You know, one you sneak in a little extra of when no one is looking.
There’s this donut shop in Hamilton called Grandad’s, and they make old-school donuts. I bring them everywhere as a party favour. Their apple fritter will change who you are as a person — no exaggeration. It is my weakness.

Tell us about one memorable meal you’ve had during your travels. What did it involve?
I think the most memorable ones are when people or promoters cook for you. It’s always so good. But in terms of a specific meal; when we were in Nancy, France (just outside Paris), we were all pretty hungry for breakfast, and stumbled upon the town square — which is breathtaking, full of gold and wrought iron and beautiful plants and statues — and we ended up having maybe the best steak frites of any of our lives. And my manager picked up the bill for the band. That made it even sweeter. French food is so beautiful and simple.

@terralightfoot Cooked for some lovely women tonight at the @ywcahamilton !! I grilled veggies! It was delightful and fulfilling for all involved and I can’t wait to go back. #hamont #ywca #grillinlikeavillain

Is there anywhere you have wanted to travel or a restaurant you have always wanted to dine in that you have not yet? Or somewhere you can not wait to get back to?
I’ve always wanted to go to Japan to try the sushi, and we’re about to go there, in 19 days. I am definitely not counting down (sarcasm, totally can’t wait). I spent some time in India and absolutely loved the food there. I also really want to go to Thailand and Vietnam. I can imagine it would be crazy delicious.

For fun, can you give an example of a “typical day” of eating for you, whether you are going out with friends or cooking at home
Our new thing is trying to find farmers’ markets on the road. I eat a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables every day, then usually a proper meal later in the day. I find it’s difficult to stay healthy on the road so making sure you start the day by getting your greens in has been really helpful and we get to eat foods that are actually in season. I feel great when I travel now.

@terralightfoot It’s a berry good time 4 jamz.

From stages in France, the UK and across Canada, you have performed across the world. Who has your favorite food scene?
Hamilton. It has everything. And it isn’t pretentious. I’m a big fan of places and people that just apologetically do what they do. I don’t like fancy places unless they can back up the hype.

You recently released your video for “Paradise,” lead track off of your much anticipated new album, New Mistakes. What was it like making the video?
Oh man! Well, Dustin Rabin has worked with so many artists I respect. He’s the only person I know who’s on a first-name basis with Dave Grohl. And he will never tell you about that stuff. He’s such a humble guy. That really came across in the production that day. He was sweet to all the crew and especially kind to me when he was asking me to act out different things. I’m not that comfortable on camera, but he made it so easy for me. He has this sweet disarming smile that makes you wanna make him happy!

What was it like working with Gus van Go and Werner F on the album?
Those guys are amazing. It was so nice to do a second record together because you already know each other so intimately. Making music with someone is such a deep emotional experience. This time, we all got to stay in apartments above the studio and cooked and ate together which was really special and I think it brought out a really beautiful sense of togetherness on the recording. We were all existing together on so many levels for two weeks. It was so great. It was also nice to eat healthy homemade food every day, with proper fuel we were able to do our best work. My mom actually helped us out a couple of times and brought us homemade meals when we were really in the thick of the recording.

What will 2018 bring for you?
We are already booking into the summer, which is exciting. Lots of Canadian shows, a really special album release party in Hamilton that we couldn’t fit in this fall because of Australia and Japan, and I’m especially looking forward to getting down to the states to play more. I love the Midwest and I love Texas and I love New York. And California!

Finally for Battered and Brewed, If you could eat or have a drink with one person dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have?
My dream up until recently was to meet Jackson Browne… and we ended up drinking tequila and jamming all night at a party recently. So, I guess now I would choose somebody who’s not around anymore cause it’s otherwise impossible. I would want to meet Sister Rosetta Tharpe. I think she would be a ton of fun, and she played a rad white SG.

TERRA LIGHTFOOT Press shots / Album cover. Hamilton, ON. June 27, 2017 Photo by Dustin Rabin. 2766


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