What Did Chris Lane Get in His Stocking Every Single Christmas

What Did Chris Lane Get in His Stocking Every Single Christmas

Chris Lane is on fire right now. He’s on his very first heading tour, he’s hilariously unstoppable on instagram and has girls everywhere swooning. We think maybe it has something to do with his Saved By The Bell, Zack Morris throwback hair. He’s a genuine soul and we are super excited for him. But what’s Christmas like with this rising country artist? Turns out, this is his favorite time of the year.

What is one Christmas tradition you have?
We have a big Christmas Eve get together, eat and play games

Think back to your childhood, it’s Christmas morning, who’s up first? Mom and Dad or Chris?
Definitely Chris. I was so excited to see what toys would be under the tree I could barely sleep. It was always an early morning for my parents.

What is one toy you can remember receiving that made your whole life?
Probably the most influential gift was the year my parents gave me a guitar, I would say that is the gift that keeps on giving!

Christmas Tree … Do you support Real or Fake?
I am just a Christmas tree supporter in general. I personally have a fake one for now, just because I am on the road so much a real one wouldn’t last long.

Favorite traditional Christmas song?
“O Holy Night”

What is your favorite Christmas treat? ex cookies, cakes, fudge, candy canes?
I don’t mind splurging on desserts for Christmas. I love the white chocolate covered Oreos and the “puppy chow” kind of desserts.

Let’s talk stockings. What was one thing, you always knew would be in your stocking Christmas morning?
Nike socks

How would you explain your wrapping skills? Are you a last minute shopper or to you plan all your gifts?
I definitely get my shopping done early, so there is some planning involved. I would say I’m a pretty skilled wrapper, I could get a second job at the mall if I needed to!

What is your favorite holiday album by a group or artist?
Probably Mariah Carey’s Christmas record

It’s Christmas Eve, where would we find you?
Normally on the couch, hanging with the family watching whatever Hallmark movie is on. But, this year I might do something a little different and treat myself by going to the Carolina Panthers home game.

What is your favorite part of Christmas?
Everything! As a believer, it is important to remember that Jesus, for me, is the real reason for the season. I love the whole atmosphere surrounding Christmas, from the decorations, to the music, the movies; it is my favorite time of the year.

We ran across this video of Chris singing NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” YOU ARE WELCOME <3

Listen to Chris Lane on our “Songs We are Listening to This Week” Spotify playlist

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