Celebrating Father’s Day With Country Singer/Songwriter, Devin Burris

Celebrating Father’s Day With Country Singer/Songwriter, Devin Burris

Devin Burris is not only an awesome dude, he is one awesome dad. At home in sunny Georgia he’s always running around with the kids: taking them to school, riding bikes, and, of course, cooking up a storm. We sat down with the Singer/Songwriter to talk about life as a dad and, while we were at it, to steal his favorite Father’s Day foods. Here are his tips for you to prepare for your own favorite guy. After all Father’s Day is the perfect time to grill out with the family.

You’re a father of three kids, 5 year old girl “Grace” and twin 1 year old boys “Daniel” and “Noah!” It must be a fun house!

Absolutely! Always a lot going on! There’s never a dull moment, I promise! Haha


Do your kids get involved in the kitchen?

More like always getting into the kitchen! But on a serious note, I love to cook, always have, and i’m trying to instill good kitchen etiquette and cooking skills into them while they are young!

Is there anything you guys like to prepare together?

We’ve cooked all sorts of things together, but I think our favorite thing to prepare together is homemade pizza. The boys are still a little too young to understand, but Grace loves to “invent” toppings, haha.

What are some ideas of great things to grill that kids would enjoy along with fathers?

We grill almost every Sunday, and I came up with the idea of kabobs. We do steak, pork, sausage, chicken, and veggies. Since there’s a lot of steps and preparing, they can get involved more. Whether its washing veggies or sticking the food on the skewers, theres ALWAYS a way to involve the kids!

How will you be celebrating Father’s Day?

We are gonna take a family vacation to the beach. A friend has a beach house and we plan on spending all day relaxing, grilling, and of course, getting some sun in the sand!

Do you have any Father’s Day traditions?

Traditionally we just hang out at home with friends and family and take the day to relax and be together, but making new traditions is one in and of itself!

What do you love most about being a dad?

That list would take ALL day! If I had to limit it to one thing, I think its knowing that what I instill within them will last, and affect every aspect of their lives and how they raise their own children. It pushes me to do my absolute best everyday and to see myself from their point of view, which in turn helps me become a better father. Being a dad is a win win!!

Any Favorite recipe you would like to share?

If you’re looking for a fun recipe to make with your kids that is also delicious, I suggest BBQ chicken pizza. Chicken, bacon, onions, and bell peppers on a pizza crust topped with BBQ sauce instead of marinara, then topped with mozzarella. Talk about melt in your mouth.

Your song “Boom, Boom” is featured on theMud Digger 8 Album coming out this week. What is like being apart of this project with big names like Colt Ford, Lo Cash Cowboys, Montgomery Gentry?

Its an awesome experience! I always have and always will accredit my success to God. He gave me my talent and opened every door that has led here, and I trust he will continue to do so! I am just as excited to see how high this goes as everyone else!

What else can fans look forward to from you in 2017?

There is so much in the works, TONS of new music and shows lined up, lots of new YouTube videos, and hopefully a debut album! Also, if you’d like to keep up with my day to day, follow me on snapchat @devy_man07 !



With a distinct voice well beyond his twenty-four years, singer/songwriter Devin Burris cut his teeth on country music.  His first love was Jazz and R & B, and you can hear those influences in his music. But after feeling “bland and empty, like something was missing” Burris switched gears and set his sights on a career in country.

Burris entered various talent contests and even performed for “America’s Got Talent” at the prestigious 3,000 seat Mahaffey Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida. He continued honing his skills and chasing different genres, until participating in the 34th Country Showdown songwriting contest which “kick started something in these country bones.” Burris went on to represent the great state of Georgia in the talent search showcase.

“When the Smoke Clears,” was the song which propelled Burris to be chosen as Georgia’s most talented songwriters in the 2015 Country Showdown.  The song is featured on Burris’ five-song EP, along with the nostalgic “Settle Town.” Burris’ immense talent as a gifted songwriter, guitarist and singer is showcased on his debut project.

Burris “strives to inspire a message of hope in others” with his music and songs. He lists his varied influences as Jesus, Elvis, John Lee Hooker, Michael Buble and Louis Armstrong. With a traditional country voice as smooth as silk and reminiscent of many of country’s greatest singers, Burris cuts through the noise and delivers a fresh sound.

With tens of millions of streams since first released in 2010, The Mud Digger series as a whole is one of AJE’s most successful with sales of more than 350,000 albums, plus each album has consistently landed in the Top 10 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Music from the Mud Digger series frequently punctuates both the fans’ and driver’s playlists at the Average Joes’ Mega Truck Series of extreme motorsport racing throughout the year. Mud Digger 8 is a one-of-a-kind collectible album featuring fan favorites all in one place – some of which have never been released on CD.

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