9 Questions About Food With Colt Ford

9 Questions About Food With Colt Ford

When we think of this slice of Georgia raised Southern Beefcake, we not only think of his mold breaking music antics, but we instantly think of Chicken and Biscuits. 

B&B: Throwing it back to the song Chicken & Biscuits, can you tell us how you came up with that concept? One a scale of 1-10, how would you describe your love of Fried Chicken?
Colt Ford: I was walking in to write a song with Ben Hayslip & Rhett Akins and we had stopped at Mrs. Winners to grab some food. When we walked in Rhett Akins said, “let’s write that.” I said, “what?” He was pointing at the bag and said chicken & biscuits. It took us about an hour to figure out it was actually a love song. …My love for fried chicken — 10

Watch the interesting video for Colt’s hit song, “Chicken & Biscuits” 

B&B: Traveling all over the country touring, you must really get the opportunity to try food from all over. Can you name your 3 top restaurants in the US?
Colt Ford: 3 Top restaurants — Giordano’s Pizza in Chicago, Ringside Steakhouse in Portland, Oregon, and The Varsity in Atlanta.

B&B: Do you have a favorite recipe you like to cook? Or does Colt Ford even cook?
Colt Ford: Yes, I do cook.  My favorite is probably my baked spaghetti.

B&B: What drink and snack must be on your tour bus at all times?
Colt Ford: Crystal Lite blue raspberry & regular olives.

B&B: On your new album, a song titled “No Rest” accurately portrays your time on the road. We already know you are a Momma’s boy. When you get some time off, what one meal do you want your momma to make?
Colt Ford: Cube steak, rice and gravy, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole.

B&B: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Colt Ford: Strawberry Haagen Dazs

B&B: Is there something really weird or odd that you eat? Don’t be shy, we all have a few guilty food pleasures, what is yours?
Colt Ford: Hamburger Helper

B&B: When you land in Nashville and have time to breathe, what is your favorite restaurant?
Colt Ford: Stoney River

B&B: Think back to growing up in Georgia. It’s summertime and you and your friends come inside from a morning of playing. What did your Momma fix you for lunch? What was her go to, that to this day brings back memories of your childhood?
Colt Ford: Ham sandwiches and my momma’s world famous sweet tea

Colt continues to up the bar by staying true to his roots, yet evolving with today’s country music. His newest album, “Love, Hope, Faith” includes 13 tracks with collaborations from artists across the board. Including, Toby Keith, Granger Smith, Brad Paisley and More. 

Here is a taste of what you get, Reload, with virally known, up and comer Taylor Ray Holbrook and featuring Rashod Evans.

To listen, order and preview the rest of the album, pick your preferred media. 

Congrats Colt on an awesome 6th studio album. Battered and Brewed are fans for life!


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  1. Christina Shepherd

    July 17, 2017 at 11:12 am

    Wow ill cook cube ateak rice gravy chicken biscuits strawbeery ice cream love me sum colt w luv to have you come throw me a 39 bday party in january in my yard bring ya moma the band 🙂

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