8 Super Duper Cute Country Couples

8 Super Duper Cute Country Couples

Social media has allowed us to connect with our favorite artists like never before. We absolutely feel like we are their best friends and certainly a part of their lives. Deny it if you would like, but we know we have become totally invested. One thing we know for sure is a great love story inspires amazing music. We can’t get enough of these super duper cute couples.

  1. Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins – We’ll go ahead and state the obvious and throw this no brainer out there. Seriously tho, as if we did not love them enough already…they had to go and adopt a child and have a baby.  These two as parents will literally melt your heart. They are so fun much to watch. Thomas Rhett and his art projects as a dad and Lauren keeping it real with her mom bun and spit up on her shirt are every relationship goal we ever dreamed of.


2. Kane Brown and Kate Jae – This couple reminds of how much fun “young love” was. They are constant cuddlers, gaming and jam sesh partners and most recently a dance duo in their matching Tribe Kelly sweatsuits. Too stinkin adorable and we cannot stop obsessing with them. Super happy to watch this couple grow with each other.

😂😂 @katejae19

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3. Russell and Kailey Dickerson – It’s hard to explain how we became obsessed with these two. It just happened. Obviously, we latched on to Russell’s, “Yours” first. Being the social media MacGyver’s we are, we ran across Kailey’s account. The two are always together, like ALWAYS. We are ok with that, especially her posting videos about how much he’s spoiling her on her birthday. Sometimes we’d like to throw up a little at their adorableness, but we can’t. They also make us laugh a lot. Men, take note at how this man treats his wife.

“Because ginger and lime are friends” …and so are we 😍

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4. Dylan Scott and Blair – All we think about is “Dat Booty” with these too. If you follow them you know he loves that woman with all his heart, but it’s clear he drives her crazy.  If you don’t understand why we think of “Dat Booty,” just follow his instagram to find out. She is also a fantastic old school hip hop rapper. Dylan Scott might be a handful, but Blair embraces their fun loving relationship. As brand new parents, they are stepping up the adorable couple game.


5. Tyler and Hayley Hubbard – We’ve been following these two for a while and they are just all around authentically adorable. Haley is always, always smiling and that is most certainly because Tyler constantly compliments her. He openly and repeatedly tells the world how lucky he is to have her. Also brand new parents, we can’t wait to watch this this love multiply.


6. RaeLynn and Josh Davis – The support these two have for each other and their careers is inspiring. With her humor, you never know exactly what you will get, but most of the time, Josh is somewhere in the picture accepting of her hilarious antics.  She is obsessed with her man and in a good way. As a military wife and a country artist on tour, their lives can be challenging, but it is something their love has overcome.


7. Jessie James and Eric Decker – If sex appeal is what you are looking for these two have it. But it’s not the only thing about them that makes them so stinking adorable. They now have two babies and one more on the way. They are cheerleaders for each other and it is just way too cute.  


8. Taylor Ray Holbrook and Kaylee Jane – If you want a true, blue, backroad kind of love you will find it in Taylor Ray Holbrook and his girl Kaylee Jane. As one of the most successful independent artists, he has had girls swooning over him for years. Only one girl has stolen his heart, this pretty thang here. They recently moved in to his new cabin in the Smokey Mountains. How much cozier and cuter can they get. Just when we thought the classic gentleman didn’t exist anymore, Taylor Ray Holbrook proved us wrong.

NOTE: If you are not following all of these artists and their significant others, you are truly missing out…That is, if you like to see true love at it’s finest. <3


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  1. Cheyenne

    January 11, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    These country artists and their loved ones are so cute.

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