6 Questions About Halloween with Colt Ford

6 Questions About Halloween with Colt Ford

Colt Ford’s single, “Young Americans,” with Charles and Josh Kelly, talks about being kids in this crazy world. So as a kid, what was Halloween like for Mr. Ford? We had just a few minutes to ask and this was what we found out.

B&B: What is your favorite Halloween Candy?
Colt Ford: I don’t know I love those square craft Carmel’s I can eat a bag of them

B&B: Where does Halloween stack up in the list of holidays for you?
Colt Ford: I never cared a ton about Halloween really

B&B: Favorite Childhood costume?
Colt Ford:  It’s too long ago to remember lol I think I was an Awesome Batman one time

B&B: What is one tradition you had every Halloween
Colt Ford: I never really had one don’t think I remember going to other neighborhoods and using a pillow case to get candy

B&B: Are you a pumpkin carver or painter?
Colt Ford: I guess carver cause they didn’t paint them when I was growing up. My little girl likes to paint them

B&B: Do you have any plans for this Halloween?
Colt Ford: I am just trying to get home for Halloween


HERE —> http://averagejoesent.co/YoungAmericansAF

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