National Steak Day

National Steak Day

What makes a perfect steak? Certainly, the quality of the meat is fundamental. Many of the best steakhouses in the country only serve the highest grade of beef available in the United States — USDA Prime — that features extensive marbling and melt-in-your mouth texture. Only 1-3% of all beef produced in the country is rated Prime. Others contend the breed, age and diet of the cow are the most critical elements. A dry- or wet-aging process brings out flavor and tenderness and is truly an art. And, without a doubt, the expert flick of the chef’s wrist and precise timing at the grill is where the alchemy really begins. But where do the best steaks reside? We visited chophouses across the country and found where beef is king, sides are queens, and cocktails are kinda like a weird duke or something. Here are a few places that do steak better than anyone else. 

Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak inside the MGM Las Vegas

DOMESTIC WAGYU 14 oz. Skirt Steak

DOMESTIC WAGYU- 14 oz. Skirt Steak

Served with MUSHROOM ASSORTMENT baby shiitake, french horn, hen of the woods, white beech

Ray’s in the City – Atlanta, GA

NEW YORK STRIP* 14oz. Center-cut, 28 day aged

NEW YORK STRIP* 14oz. Center-cut, 28 day aged served with Yukon Gold whipped potatoes and topped with crispy onions & red wine demi glaze.

SAUTÉED LOCAL WILD MUSHROOMS Shitake, oyster and cremini mushrooms, olive oil, garlic butter, sherry wine

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse – Nashville

Music City Jewel Chili-Rubbed, Dry Aged, Bone-In Ribeye, Topped with Roasted Cipollini nions & Shishito Peppers

Music City Jewel Chili-Rubbed, Dry Aged, Bone-In Ribeye, Topped with Roasted Cipollini nions & Shishito Peppers

Sautéed Mushrooms Field Blend of Seasonal Mushrooms with Fresh Herb-Sherry Butter

Del Frisco’s Grille- Nashville, TN

Mushroom Shallot Crusted Prime Steak Porcini Mushrooms, Jalapeño Bacon Mashed Potatoes, Peppercorn Gravy

Kayne Prime- Nashville, TN

WAGYU TRI TIP Heartbrand Beef, Flatonia, TX

PEPPERONI AND MUSHROOMS baby buttons, soppressata, butter, garlic, herbs

Julian Serrano Tapas – Las Vegas, NV

BEEF & CHEESE* prime tenderloin | mushroom | honey | walnuts

SERRANO TENDER* foie gras | prime tenderloin| white chocolate bread

The Stratosphere- Las Vegas, NV

Wagyu Ribeye Shallot confit and demi-glace Chateau De Malengin, Saint Emilion

Button Mushrooms, Black Garlic

Prime – Bellagio in Las Vegas


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