Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrating Artists Favorite Dishes at the Thanksgiving Table

Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrating Artists Favorite Dishes at the Thanksgiving Table

Williams Honor- REAGAN: My Mom’s Thanksgiving Day stuffing and mashed potatoes! GORDON: Turkey, because I love it!

Sam Rochford- I love stuffing, but not just any stuffing it has to be my mom’s recipe. I have no idea how she makes ( it’s a secret family recipe) it but I could eat a plate of stuffing with nothing else until I throw up.

Terra Bella- You can’t go wrong with Grandma’s homemade stuffing! She keeps it a secret, so we can’t even make it ourselves. -Joe

Bailey James- Pumpkin Pie. My grandma makes it so good. It’s so moist and sweet. I love it best served cold with lots of whipped cream!

Parker Willingham.- My grandma and my dad made fried turkey; nothing’s better than fried turkey on Thanksgiving topped with stuffing and gravy. I could make it now, but you know me and fire…hard to fry a turkey at a bon-fire.

Savannah Lynne- My favorite dish at the thanksgiving table is pumpkin pie and I am definitely a sucker for anything “cheesecake.” My Bubby has a chocolate chip cheesecake recipe that we break out every year for thanksgiving but it’s a top secret recipe that no one knows except for her.

High Valley- Favorite dish is corn casserole and Thanksgiving tradition is football. All the football. Play it. Watch it. Play it in Xbox. Repeat.

Jagertown- Stuffing because it’s the most “home made”

Indigo Summer-
Hope – My favorite recipes are my mom’s famous sweet potato casserole and her broccoli salad ( I actually started making the salad several times a year because my fiance LOVES it!)! My favorite memories growing up was just spending the day cooking as a family while football played in the living room, then after eating taking a long nap before we eat again!
Bryan – My absolute favorite dish at Thanksgiving is my mom’s cornbread casserole, followed closely by my mother-in-law’s sweet potato casserole! They are both amazing, but I have yet to attempt to make it, for fear that it will fall short of the amazingness that it deserves!

Devin Burris- My favorite dish at Thanksgiving is of course, the turkey. Smoked turkey to be exact. It falls off the bone and is never dry, and there’s nothing like eating a ton of turkey and taking a nap on thanksgiving! Wake up and repeat!

Nick Hickman- I have two favorite thanksgiving dishes, ham and sweet potato soufflé. My grandmother makes the best sweet potato soufflé in the world. I love ham as well, I use to get ham instead of a birthday cake growing up.

Julia Capogrossi- I’m more of a dessert girl, so my favorite every year is hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Simple-but amazing.

JoLivi- My favorite recipe at thanksgiving is creamed peas! My mom always made them with salt instead of sugar, and everyone that I’ve made them for have always gone for seconds! I love love love stuffing!!

Kayla Calabrese- My favorite is the traditional turkey and gravy. My mom makes the BEST creamed carrots and I absolutely love cranberry sauce.

Becky Warren- I have two favorite dishes for Thanksgiving. My mom grew up in south Florida, so I’m usually down there for Thanksgiving and my Uncle Alan always makes conch chowder. It might not be traditional, but it’s Florida and it’s delicious. My other favorite dish happens the next day. We have a tradition of taking all the leftovers, layering them—potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans and whatever else is left—and baking them into a shepherd’s pie. It always makes me wish we had more leftovers.

Mark Bray- Does a bone- in ribeye count? Just kidding. I like it all! Mash and gravy, corn, sweet potato, and the dark meat turkey! Yum!

Emma White:“My favorite Thanksgiving dish is definitely Sweet potatoes. It’s my Mom’s specialty and everyone in our family always requests them. They’re baked and topped with marshmallows and so amazing!! They’re usually the first dish we run out of too 

Max T Barnes- We have a ranch just outside of Nashville. Thanksgiving week is opening week of deer season and family comes in and stays for the week. We have the outdoor channel on hunting shows and there are nonstop snacks and when the hunt is over, an adult beverage. My favorite dish at the Thanksgiving table is turkey – we harvest our own here at the ranch.

Abbey Rowe:
“Hands down the mashed potatoes are my favorite thanksgiving dish. I love pretty much any form of potato. So much so that one year when my grandma went to get them out of the oven, she dropped them and and I threw the biggest fit and my mom had to drive to the store and got the last box of instant mashed potatoes and Thanksgiving was saved!” -Abbey Rowe


Charlie Farley: My favorite Thanksgiving family recipe is broccoli rice and cheese casserole. I love spending time with the family, being at home, and lots of eating.

Blue Honey:
“Mine would definitely be my Mawmaw’s Dressing. It is THE BEST I’ve ever had. My Mama has since mastered it and I’m learning! Best Thanksgiving memories were all of us cooking together in the kitchen, napping, and then playing football with my cousins in the front yard, then eating and napping again haha” – Kassie
“My favorite dish was always my Mamaw’s yeast rolls. She would make them from scratch and they’d always come out perfectly even. After we’d eat, me and my cousins would sit around with guitars and have a jam session, which later on ended with the whole family sitting around singing gospel tunes. Great memories.” – Troy

Native Run:
“I have a nickname for my grandmother and it’s “Butter N Booze” because she can’t make a dish without these two ingredients. For Thanksgiving, she makes the BEST sweet potato casserole with (all the) butter, rum, pecans, and raisins. It’s absolute heaven and I usually eat half of the dish by myself.” – Rachel Beauregard
“My favorite dish from childhood Thanksgivings is a broccoli casserole, with crumbled cheez-it’s on top! It was a staple of our Thanksgiving dinners, and my grandmother and I would start talking about it about a month out in anticipation!” -Bryan Dawley

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