Party Time Pumpkin Pie Shots

Party Time Pumpkin Pie Shots

It’s official. The Holidays are here. If you’re like me and in complete denial about the whole darn thing, you’ll agree that an adult beverage is in order. Get ready for PUMPKIN PIE SHOTS.

That’s right. What better way to cope with early Christmas decor and turkey hangovers than combine the best part of the Holidays, pumpkin pie and alcohol, into a delicious shot?

One of Nashville’s noted artist managers and lover of pumpkin pie (and vodka), Jamie Reeder, made these delectable treats for us. The recipe is easy and after two or three of these bad boys you’ll embrace the dreaded Holiday madness and be yearning for Yuletide  and Mama’s dressing.

Here’s how you do it:

Pumpkin Pie Shots:
1 small box Jello Vanilla Pudding
3/4 cup milk
8 oz tub of whipped cream
1/2 cup whipped pinnacle vodka
1/4 cup FireBall
Pumpkin Spice
Whip together instant pudding, milk, and liquor into a bowl until mixed. Add cool whip a little at a time with whisk. Add in pumpkin spice to taste. Spoon the pudding mixture into shot glasses or disposable cup. Place in freezer for at least 2 hours. Enjoy 🙂
*Alternate – use 3/4 whipped vodka instead of fireball and vodka
Let us know how they turn out!
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