Kenny Chesney’s very own Piña Colada recipe

Kenny Chesney’s very own Piña Colada recipe

If you’re like us, any excuse to drink a cocktail will do, and we’re in luck because today (7/10) is National Piña Colada Day! Who better to take tips from than one of rum’s biggest advocates — Kenny Chesney! The No Shoes Radio (Ch. 62) boss shared with us his very own recipe. Give it a go, then “rum, relax, repeat” in your old blue chair.

Kenny Chesney’s Piña Colada, Blended the Blue Chair Bay Way

1.5 oz. Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum

1 oz. cream of coconut

1.5 oz. pineapple juice

Instructions: Chuck it all into a blender with a cup of ice. Hit the button and hold on to your hat. Add breakfast: A lime, wheel, cherry and/or pineapple spear.

Celebrate National Piña Colada Day with Kenny Chesney’s very own recipe

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