Chicken Cock’d Up!

Chicken Cock’d Up!


At Chicken Cock Distilleries  in N. Charleston, SC they are brewing up the good stuff. A new brand of whiskey. Have you tried it? Here are a few recipes to try!


COCKSTAR! = Nice & Simple. Chicken Cock Cinnamon Whiskey straight. Why so popular? Name rocks and the fact our Cinnamon has 175% LESS

SUGAR THAN FIREBALL sure does help the next day!

COCK & BALLS = We call this the shot for accounts weening themselves off the Canadian stuff! Equal parts Chicken Cock Cinnamon & Fireball. We prefer layering the Chicken Cock first and then the Fireball so you get the real American whiskey on the finish.

ROOT BEER FLOAT = Chicken Cock Root Beer & Whipped Vodka w/ a splash of Coke. Throw in some whipped cream if you’ve got it!

GAMECOCK = Chicken Cock Southern Spiced & Sweet Tea Vodka

FUZZY COCK = Chicken Cock Southern Spiced & Peach Schnapps w/ a splash of sprite

COCKMEISTER = Equal parts Chicken Cock Root Beer & Jägermeister

THE JIM MORRISON = Equal parts Chicken Cock Root Beer, Jägermeister & Coke… may he REST IN PEACE!

CHRISTMAS SHOT = Chicken Cock Cinnamon & Cranberry 

THE ANGRY COCK or WOODCOCK Chicken C0ck Cinnamon & Cider

For more information on Chicken Cocky Whiskey visit their website here.

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