Celebrating National Coffee Day with Country Artist, Kayla Calabrese- You love coffee, we love coffee, here’s to coffee!

Celebrating National Coffee Day with Country Artist, Kayla Calabrese- You love coffee, we love coffee, here’s to coffee!

Caffeine lovers rejoice! Today is the best day of the Fall season (besides Christmas and Thanksgiving), it’s National Coffee Day. The unofficial holiday celebrates one of the most popular beverages in the world – coffee. Not only can you get free coffee almost everywhere today, you can also get county artist Kayla Calabrese’s recipe for her favorite brew! There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee and a great song to warm you up on a dreary, rainy day. 

Coffee recipe? There’s so many but in the end, I usually do a French press with just milk! A simple pleasure. 

French press makes coffee by steeping the grounds in hot water and then pressing them out. I literally use whole bean medium roast coffee and grind it with a coffee grinder I have. Your coffee grounds should be coarse and rough. I’ve heard people say the coffee grounds should look like “breadcrumbs.”
Heat up some water, put both in a French press (I add a heaping tablespoon of coffee), wait 5-10 minutes and then immediately press the plunger all the way to the bottom. Then pour into your favorite coffee cup, add 1% milk and BAM! Delicious coffee!
You can add sweetener if you’d like; however, I don’t use any kind of sweetener in my coffee.

When did you start drinking coffee?

I started drinking coffee when I was like 4. True story! I would sit on my mom’s lap and drink her coffee while she talked. I used to drink coffee with sugar, but one time my mom told me I was going to put too much in it. I didn’t listen and it only took me one time of putting too much sugar in my cup of coffee to make me never want sugar in my coffee again.

What type of coffee beans?

KONA is the best! I also love Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.



With her Jersey-girl attitude and romantic Italian soul, this sonorous-voiced beauty brings her own edgy flair to the country music scene. This down-to-earth artist has a sassy edge that shines through her lyrics, stage presence, and fresh demeanor. Her bold vocals and effortlessly long-held notes exude confidence and were born for stardom. Naturally drawn to be a musician, Calabrese shyly started out by singing into her hairbrush as a child. Upon moving to Nashville, Calabrese was enrolled into Nursing School at Belmont University, when she decided to simultaneously pursue her lifelong dream of starting a music career. She recorded her first project which produced her debut single Kiss Me with Grammy-nominated music producer Kent Wells, best known for producing Dolly Parton. With experience under her belt after releasing a few singles to country radio, garnering great reviews from media publications and industry critics, she has taken part in CMA Music Festival performing and signing autographs for fans as well as Country Radio Seminar where she did numerous press interviews.

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