14 Questions About Food With Chris Lane

14 Questions About Food With Chris Lane

If you don’t know who Chris Lane is you should. He’s one of the new guys on the block and he is killing it. He’s currently on tour with Rascal Flatts, has a brand new album out, ” Girl Problems” and is one of the funniest people ever to watch on snapchat. So… we thought we’d talk to him a little about food.


B&B: Growing Up, what one meal of Momma’s were you excited to come home to eat? Is it still your favorite when you come?
Chris Lane: I would say her BBQ chicken, but she did pass along the recipe to me!

B&B: When moving to a new area, food and restaurants are always on our mind. What restaurant is your go to in Nashville? And what is your favorite meal there?
Chris Lane: I have a few favorites, for sushi I love Virago. You can’t go wrong with any of the M street locations. I love Urban Cookhouse for lunch, great healthy options. Margarita House in Mt Juliet is also delicious.

B&B: You appear to be in pretty good shape how important is nutrition to you?
Chris Lane: It is so hard to eat healthy on the road. some days I do a great job at eating right, while other days, let’s just say I miss the mark.

B&B: Name 5 items that are always in your grocery cart.
Chris Lane: Water, peanut butter, cereal, organic granola, vanilla yogurt.

B&B: Do you like to cook? What is your favorite meal to fix for friends? Your proudest dish.
Chris Lane: Probably my BBQ Chicken!

B&B:You are on the road a lot. What food requests are on your show rider?
Chris Lane: That part I try to keep healthy with fruit trays and some healthy snacks like cliff bars.

B&B: Name 3 foods you cannot stand to eat.
Chris Lane: Oysters, nothing with relish, curry

B&B: We know you are big Carolina Panthers fan. What are your game day foods?
Chris Lane: Most of the time, we order a big spread of pizza, but I am a pepperoni and cheese guy!

B&B: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Chris Lane: Well my favorite dessert is a Cookies n Cream milkshake from Chick fila!

B&B: Since you travel all over, is there a restaurant or meal that stands out as being the most delicious ever?
Chris Lane: I am still in love with my hometown Arigatos restaurant. When I go home, I have to go at least once!

B&B: You just released, “Girl Problems” … so you must have had a few. Have you had any disastrous dates with meals you have cooked or restaurants you have been to?
Chris Lane: So far so good, nothing disastrous. But, If I am cooking on a date, my go to recipe is this Italian chicken dish.

B&B: What after show snack is your go to?
Chris Lane: Here lately, it is whatever the Rascal Flatts team provides for after show food! It has been good!

B&B: We know you are a big Bachelorette fan. If Chris Lane were to take a girl on a date, to eat, and the options were endless. Where would he take them?
Chris Lane: Well I would let the woman choose of course 🙂

B&B: We heard “Fix” just went #1! Congrats. Since we are talking about food here. What food… good, bad or ugly gives you a fix? In other words… What is your favorite food? Basically, If you were on Survivor, what food would cause you to spend all your money?
Chris Lane: Anything from a Japanese Steakhouse and the before mentioned cookies n cream. That is if I could eat it all the time without getting fat, that’s the dream right? ha


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