Music in the Kitchen Interview: Country Artist Dylan Scott Talks New Music, Hunting, and “My Girl”

Music in the Kitchen Interview: Country Artist Dylan Scott Talks New Music, Hunting, and “My Girl”

Good Afternoon Dylan! Thank you so much for talking with Battered and Brewed!

Good morning… great to be talking to you guys!

What was a typical dinner or family meal like for you growing up in NE Louisiana?

Fried deer steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese, green beans or butter beans, and a dinner roll. It doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to comfort foods.

Was there ever music playing in the kitchen?

Not really in the kitchen… but in other parts of the house at any given time you could hear anything ranging from gospel music to Tim McGraw, to the Eagles. We were definitely a music oriented family and it didn’t matter what kind as long as it was good.

You grew up in the outdoors duck hunting, fishing, and deer hunting. I assume writing and performing now take up almost all your time. Do you still get out in the tree stand in pursuit of whitetails?

Not as much as I would like, unfortunately, but I usually make it home around mid-season (Christmas/New Year) for a couple of weeks. It is hard to drag me out of the woods when I am hunting, so that takes up a lot of my time when I’m home.

@dylanscottcountry Boom Pow!! A great and much needed morning with my boy @danielechols1

You tour and play with your “band of brothers” comprised of your brother Logan and two other siblings Garrett and Darrick Cline. Who is the bigger foodie and who gets decide where you eat on the road?

The whole band is a bunch of “foodies” as we are all in our early to mid-twenties. I don’t that know any one of us love’s food anymore or any less than the other. However, if I am awake I usually make the decision on where we will stop as I definitely have my likes and dislikes probably more than the rest of the guys. Plus, that is one of the perks of being the boss… nah, just kidding.

@dylanscottcountry Grill going up, on a Sunday!

Which three things are always in your home refrigerator?

I would have to say Gatorade, fresh fruits, and Hot Pockets. Yeah, I know that is a weird combination but those three are definitely always there.

What food is your food vice? You know, one you sneak in a little extra of when no one is looking.

Probably cold pizza… I like cold almost as much as I do hot, especially if is from Johnny’s Pizza in Louisiana.

@dylanscottcountry Perks of being off the road, homemade pizza and no-bake oatmeal cookies!! Come and get it!!

You have traveled a ton touring over the past couple of years, tell us about one memorable meal you’ve had during your travels. What did it involve?

Actually there was a small mom and pop steakhouse in a small town somewhere in the middle of Montana that served one of the best steaks I have ever eaten. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant, but I just can’t recall it. However, if we are in that area again, I will figure it out though because I want to go back.

BEST part of the West Coast!! #innout #vegas

Is there anywhere you have wanted to travel or a restaurant you have always wanted to dine in that you have not yet?

Ruth’s Chris is hands down my favorite restaurant so I would say any Ruth’s Chris that I have never been in yet. Also, we are doing a show in Sikeston, Missouri later in the year and there is a restaurant there where dinner rolls are thrown across the room at you when you want one. I have pretty good hand and eye coordination, so I want to check that place out.

How do you maintain a balance of eating healthy while on the road? Anything you avoid or try to avoid so you can keep fit?

It is pretty hard, but I try to avoid fried foods and fast foods as much as possible. I try to find a good salad and I hit the gym in most of the cities we play in.

@dylanscottcountry Turks and Caicos in 2 weeks= no donuts and a whole lot of this!

Now that you have been in Nashville awhile, if you designed your own food tour, which restaurants/bars would be on your list of places to visit?

Definitely Taco Mamacita and Brick Tops are two that I would choose. For down-home cooking, you can’t beat Arnold’s or The Pie Wagon. And there are a number of hot chicken places that are popping up that are supposed to be excellent if you like your chicken spicy.

You current single “My Girl” that is climbing the charts was inspired by your high school sweetheart and now wife, Blair Anderson. Is this a song you always knew you would release one day? Because it is such a personal song, do you think it was harder to write?

No, actually it was easier to write since everything in the song is true. The hardest part was not to be able to include everything that I wanted to put in it. I would have ran out of paper if I tried to do that, and the song would be 20 minutes long. And yes, it is a song that I wanted to release and I am glad that Curb Records felt that strongly about it as well.

Who are the top three artists/bands that influenced your music?

That is a really good question. First and foremost is Keith Whitley. Keith was my “Elvis” and I wore his cassettes out by playing them so much. In fact, I recorded a cover of his “ Between an Old Memory and Me” which was largely responsible for executives in Nashville becoming interested in me shortly after high school. The other two would be Tim McGraw and Alan Jackson, although there could be an argument easily made to include Garth Brooks in there as well.

What else can fans look forward to from you in 2017?

2017 is looking to be a great year for me. For sure fans can expect a full national touring schedule and a deluxe album containing 17 or 18 songs being released in the fall. On top of that, I am also working on a Christmas classics album that should be released this year as well. It will definitely be a busy year, but I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love so the busier the better.

Finally for Battered and Brewed, If you could have a drink with one person, who would it be and what would you have?

Since Keith Whitley has passed, it would definitely be Tim McGraw. And an ice cold Coors beer would work just fine for me.



A Louisiana native with a lifelong passion for country music, Dylan Scott is the total package – a powerful singer with a deep, resonating drawl; an old-soul songwriter with a young spirit; a heartthrob with an easy smile; and a dreamer who followed his father’s footsteps to Nashville. Prior to landing his record deal, Scott learned the basics of singing and playing guitar from his dad – a former guitar player for country legends Freddy Fender and Freddy Hart. He then launched onto the country music scene in 2013 with “Making This Boy Go Crazy,” the debut single from his self-titled EP. His follow up, the infectious “Crazy Over Me,” debuted at #14 at on the Billboard Country Digital Song Sales chart and hit the Top 40 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. And in the summer of 2016, he released his debut album, DYLAN SCOTT, on Curb Records, along with the romantic Top 20 single “My Girl.” Having been named one of Spotify’s Spotlight on 2016 Country Artists, fans have streamed Scott’s songs a staggering 70 million times and counting, and sales have topped 1 million stream equivalent songs – figures that continue to grow by leaps and bounds. He is currently touring the country after wrapping his opening slot on Lee Brice’s 2016 LIFE OFF MY YEARS Tour.

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