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The Twelve Cocktails of Christmas: Spiked Cinnamon Apple Cider and Christmas Memories with Megan Ruger

The Twelve Cocktails of Christmas: Spiked Cinnamon Apple Cider and Christmas Memories with Megan Ruger

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

One year when I was around 6 years old, my family and I were sprinkling “special reindeer food” all up and down our street for Santa’s reindeer to eat. When we came back to the house, there were sleigh marks in the snow, the back door was wide open, and there was a note on our kitchen table saying…”sorry I had to use the back door because there was a fire in the fireplace” – Santa.  I was just getting to the age where I was becoming skeptical of Santa, so my parents were determined to still make me believe.  And I did!!! I cried so much when I saw all of the things that had proven that Santa had been there. Especially the half eaten cookies and empty glass of milk that I had left out for him.  My parents rock! 

What’s your idea of a good Christmas Dinner?

Lots of laughs, card games, and my mom’s homemade mashed potatoes!!!

Do you have a favorite Christmas album?

I love Brenda Lee’s Christmas Collection. 

Do you have any favorite traditions or favorite movies for the holiday season?

Yes, for the past four years or so, my family and I started a tradition of going to the movies on Christmas.  It’s been a blast watching new Christmas movies on Christmas day!!! 

Whats been your favorite album of 2016?

SIXX:AM “Prayers for the Damned” I’m a rocker and a big fan of Nikki Sixx! 

What are your hopes for 2017? Any exciting plans?

I plan on touring a lot and I am hoping to have a tour bus and driver this year!!! Instead of the sprinter van and me as the driver. Lol, I’m a great driver, but I’m ready to hand over the reigns to someone else and to move my career to the next level as a recording artist.

Signature cocktail? 

I love Apple Cider ! So…maybe some Captain Morgan and Apple Cider. 


About Megan Ruger:

 Megan Rüger is a country/rock artist originally from Twin Lakes, WI.  After performing in her teen years in Wisconsin, including the epic Country Thunder USA, she made the move to Nashville to make a name for herself in Music City. She quickly began performing downtown on the famed Broadway strip. With the combination of her rockin’ stage antics, powerful voice, and big personality, she became known as a great entertainer & rebel!  Rüger’s original music is influenced by 80’s & 90’s ROCK, mixed with a bit of her COUNTRY ROOTS, and some POP attitude to top it off!

Megan was featured on Season 6 of NBC’s The Voice, team Blake Shelton.  Since the show, she has really put the “pedal to the metal” and has performed shows all over the U.S.  She has had the privilege to perform alongside some of the industry greats like country singer Joe Nichols, Foreigner, and her biggest influence Joan Jett! Last year she performed The National Anthem on FOX SportsNational TV and in front of 100,000 NASCAR fans at The Dover International Speedway.  This year she plans on performing at many different raceways, since she has grown a passion for NASCAR and always enjoys singing the National Anthem.

New 2017 tour dates to be released soon!

 For more information on Megan Ruger, visit Follow Megan on Twitter @meganruger, Instagram @meganrugermusic, and on Facebook @meganrugermusic. Suggested Tweet: Download @meganruger new album #Rockstar Today!

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