Terra Bella’s “12 Cocktails of Christmas” Whiskey Eggnog

Terra Bella’s “12 Cocktails of Christmas” Whiskey Eggnog

I LOVE eggnog! So during Christmas I like to drink eggnog on ice with a shot of whiskey in it. -Joe

2 oz blended whiskey
1 tsp powdered sugar
1 whole egg
5 oz milk

Shake all ingredients (except nutmeg) with ice and strain into a collins glass. Sprinkle nutmeg on top and serve.

Do you have a favorite Christmas candy?
Anything homemade! Fudge is at the top of that list, for sure! -Martina

What’s your favorite Christmas memory/is there a toy you received that to this day still makes you smile thinking of it?
One of our favorite memories is actually a more recent one. Last year, we secretly drove 2,100 miles home to California and surprised both our parents for Christmas. It was like out of a movie, where we walked in and yelled SURPRISE! Every jaw hit the floor and then the happy tears were soon to follow. -Martina

What sort of things did you get in your stocking as a child?
Socks and underwear. For the win! -Joe

Do you have a favorite Christmas album?
Merle Haggard. My favorite Christmas song of the record is “Santa Clause and Popcorn”! Oh the memories! -Martina

Do you have any favorite tradition’s or favorite movie’s for the holiday season?
Martina and her mom watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” every year. It soon became our own tradition too. -Joe

What’s been your favorite album/song of 2017?
Sheesh, 2017 has been an amazing year for country music. Where do we even start? I’d say at the top of our list would be our buddy Luke Comb’s debut album “This One’s For You.” -Joe

What are your hopes for 2018?
World domination, of course! (Haha!) Every year we strive to take Terra Bella to the next level, town and stage. -Joe 
Touring more cities. I want to meet every single country music fan! Not possible? Watch us! -Martina

Any exciting plans?
Every day, working with your spouse, is an exciting plan. Joe and Martina

@terrabellamusic Merry Christmas

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