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Love is All Around: Valentine’s Day Recipe and Music with Salina Solomon

Love is All Around: Valentine’s Day Recipe and Music with Salina Solomon

What makes Valentine’s Day special?

What makes Valentine’s Day special is that it is a day carved out for that special someone in your life, to do something extra nice for that person who makes your life brighter. What people forget is that it doesn’t have to be your romantic partner. It could be your parent, your grandparent, your friends, your coworkers etc. 

What would you change about Valentine’s Day?

It’s a good reminder to be grateful and loving to the people around you. However, I believe you should be doing those things everyday, and it shouldn’t be just a particular day. 

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day story?

Quite honestly, I wish I had my own awesome story to tell, but I’ve never had that kind of luck on Valentine’s Day. Most of my favorite Valentine’s Day stories are in movies. I particularly enjoy the movie “Valentine’s Day” and all those really cute hallmark movies. 

OK, it’s last minute, and I don’t have anything for Valentine’s. Help! What should I do!?

I always say start out the day with a great breakfast, and why not do that with that special person in your life? I choose a hearty savory breakfast most of the time, and my favorite happens to be the New York Bagel. 

The New York Bagel

(For the person just starting to host guests for breakfast)


1 griddle

1 frying pan (or two if you don’t have a griddle)



Butter knife

Paper towel


Ingredients to make 3:



3 farm fresh eggs

6 pieces of thick bacon

3 slices of American cheese

3 bagels (preferably from New York)

Stick butter (2 tablespoons)


  1. Place griddle or frying pan on stove top on medium heat. Check if it’s hot by sprinkling water and see if it sizzles.
  2. Cover frying pan with butter (enough to cover the pan evenly). Place Bacon on frying pan. When Bacon starts to bubble, flip over with tongs and use your spatula to press down so it will cook evenly. Keep flipping until the bacon is fully cooked. Leave on extra for each side if you like it crispy
  3. Once completed, place paper towel on ceramic plate and place bacon on top of paper towel to soak bacon fat.

Egg (over easy):

  1. See step number one on bacon
  2. Cover frying pan with butter. Crack 3 eggs. I use the edge of a table to crack.
  3. Cook on each side while you add a pinch of salt and pepper on each egg, until it’s how you like it.


  1. Cut bagel in half horizontally.
  2. Toast in toaster.

Now to combine:

  1. Place two slices of bacon on bagel
  2. Then American cheese
  3. Then egg
  4. Cut bagel in half horizontally.

**to add color and garnish, cut orange slices


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