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“12 Cocktails of Christmas” Ashley Barron’s Chocolate Candy Cane Martini

“12 Cocktails of Christmas” Ashley Barron’s Chocolate Candy Cane Martini

Chocolate Candy Cane Martini
One scoop of coconut vanilla ice cream
A teaspoon of cocoa powder
A shot of vodka (two if you like ‘em strong)
Garnish with a candy cane

Do you have a favorite Christmas candy?

A candy cane is definitely my favorite Christmas candy and especially when you put one in my mom’s famous chocolate martinis.

What’s your favorite Christmas memory/is there a toy you received that to this day still makes you smile thinking of it?

I have two favorite Christmas morning memories. The first was when I was about 6 or 7 years old. One of our traditions is to open stockings first in our family room and then move to the front of the house where are tree always is and open the big gifts. Well one year Santa decided to put all my “big gifts” in the family room with our stockings and I felt like I had walked into a toy shop! I got a bike and a big play kitchen with all the fake food you could imagine. And, of course, the second one was when I was 16 years old and got my first car! Which is still my car 7 years later lol!

What sort of things did you get in your stocking as a child?

Every year Santa knew I needed the basics in my stocking like; a new toothbrush, socks, chapstick, but there were a couple years he was not scared to tell me I was not on the nice list and I got coal!

Do you have a favorite Christmas album?

One of my favorite Christmas albums I listen to every year is Bing Crosby’s Christmas Classic!

Do you have any favorite tradition’s or favorite movie’s for the holiday season?

We have many Christmas traditions in my house but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be staying up Christmas Eve and wrapping last minute gifts and watching “White Christmas.”

What’s been your favorite album/song of 2017?

My favorite album of 2017 was Miranda Lamberts “Weight of These Wings.” Her song “Pushin’ Time” especially stuck out to me because my boyfriend and I share a similar story to that song.

What are your hopes for 2018? Any exciting plans?

My hopes for 2018 are to continue tour and write music. I’m also so excited to be releasing my debut EP in the New Year.


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Music in the Kitchen: Favorite Recipes

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