Interview: Getting to Know Rising Country Music Duo Smith and Wesley

Interview: Getting to Know Rising Country Music Duo Smith and Wesley

What’s the story behind the band’s name Smith and Wesley?

Scott- Todd and I are brothers and we have both played music for a long time. We were actually in different bands growing up. I had a band called Brody Johnson Band, which was my stage name, and we had a group of guys and it was all about just playing music. We really loved to play. Then we talked Todd into coming and singing harmony with us and that really added a whole new element to the Brody Johnson band. We would get so many compliments when Todd would come sing with us. We eventually got to open up for Alan Jackson at the Governor of GA’s inaugural Gala. At that concert we were discovered and talked to a label and they wanted us to change our name to a duo and try to promote our music that way. That was the last show our dad saw us play, two weeks later he passed away. His name was Wesley Smith so we named our duo Smith and Wesley to honor him.

Todd- Along with that my son, our dad, our grandfather, and my middle name are all Wesley.

You’ve just released the first single, “The Little Things,” from your upcoming second album, what does this song mean to you?

Scott- It’s about being simplistic and not anything fancy. Life is about the simple little things. It’s when your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend just does something nice and small. It’s a great message of just be proud of the little things because they add up.

Todd- This is our third top thirty song and you can go to our website and see the video we have for this song. Fans submitted tweets of what “little things” means to them along with a photo and so we took those and put them on a video. The first tweet is of our mom and dad.

Where does your lyrical content come from, is it mainly personal experience?

Scott- Some of the songs just come from ideas and some of them truly are from personal experiences. So it comes from all different places.

You have opened shows for some pretty big names in country music, has anyone given you any good advice?

Todd- I would say people that have been pretty instrumental to us is Cody McCarver and Danny Shirley of Confederate Railroad (who is our cousin). Just to not sweat the unimportant stuff.

Scott- They both just keep it real. You need people around you that are going to be honest with you. Danny is a great mentor and Cody to.

Who would you love to go out on tour with?

Todd- Anyone really. We grew up listening to classic country, southern rock, and blues. It doesn’t matter, we literally just love music. There are probably artists that we would fit well with and have similar fans, but really as far as playing with people, we will go anywhere that will let us play.

Scott- We are a big eight person band and all go way back to playing in the Brody Johnson band together. We are family and best friends. All very good musicians. People love to hear us perform together live.

What is up next for you guys?

Todd- There will be an album released this fall. After our single “The Little Things” runs it’s course we will have another single go out (hopefully not anytime soon though, the song is still climbing the charts). Then a video for the next single. Everyday we pick up new fans and views on the videos keep going up. We are excited, it helps us keep going and having fun doing it. That’s what’s it’s all about.

Scott- We will continue to do radio tours, play venues and festivals, and do interviews and this Fall release the album! 

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Now for the Food Quickfire:What are your top three US cities for food?
Todd- New Orleans, Memphis, and My mama’s house in Ringo, GA
Scott- Guess I better say it to since Todd did haha, My mama’s house in Ringo GA, Destin, FL for gulf fresh seafood, and New Orleans.

Favorite food that comes in a can?
Todd- Vienna Sausage and crackers 🙂
Scott- Chicken to make chicken salad

One junk food you know you could never give up?
Todd- The variety pack of potato chips
Scott- Beef jerky or peanut butter pretzels

What’s the best thing to eat that’s deep fried?
Todd- pickles, twinkies, oreos, ice cream, seafood, everything!!! Mostly the Fried Seafood Platter!
Scott- seafood, shrimp, and fish

What condiment do you always have in your fridge?
Scott- Mustard

How do you like your steak?
Todd- Medium
Scott- Medium plus, not too dry, not to raw

One thing I’d never eat is…
Todd- Raw Squid or as we call it, fish bait
Scott- escargot

Finally If you could eat or have a drink with one person, who would it be and what would you have?
The entire Million Dollar Quartet and whatever they want!!!


To Smith & Wesley, it’s just “The Little Things”. Brothers Scott and Todd Smith comprise the newest vocal duo taking the Country Music charts by storm with their latest single “The Little Things”. Hailing from the North Georgia/Chattanooga, TN area, Scott delivers lead vocals and acoustic guitar for the duo and Todd plays acoustic guitar, harmonica and sings harmonies. Musically, the brothers have been described as the best of Southern Rock Supergroup Confederate Railroad meets the edge and grit of Jason Aldean. And in this ever changing musical landscape of 2017-2018, that’s some pretty good company to be in.

And just another “Little Thing” about Smith & Wesley, both brothers are self-taught musicians and songwriters. The Smith & Wesley moniker of course comes from their last name and Wesley from their father’s first name. Prior to Smith & Wesley, Scott and Todd performed several years as the Brody Johnson Band. The last concert that Brody Johnson Band played was opening for Alan Jackson at the Gwinnett Civic Center for the Inauguration of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. This was the last time Scott and Todd’s father, Wesley Smith, saw them play. He passed away shortly after. The name of the band was changed to Smith & Wesley to honor the legacy of the brother duo’s father and his love and support of their music. Smith & Wesley is proud to honor their father, Wesley Smith, and his legacy in their songwriting and performances.

It’s also “The Little Things” the guys really appreciate when it comes to conquering the crowded landscape in Country Music today and garnering some major recognition. Their debut release, “Choices & Chances” yielded the duo radio accolades and chart success including spots on the Billboard Indicator chart and the Music Row Breakout chart, writing or co-writing 11 songs on the CD, including 2 Top 25 singles on the Music Row Breakout Chart, “Sweet Life” and “You’re The One”. With a successful set up on the first CD and a growing fan base as the guy’s toured across America opening for Alan Jackson, Old Dominion and Florida-Georgia Line, Smith & Wesley are excited about the soon to be released second CD, “For Better Or For Worse”. The first single “The Little Things”, is already powering up the Music Row Breakout Chart and the Billboard Country Indicator Chart. An accompanying video to the single, directed and produced by Flick Wilshire (Tracey Lawrence, Alan Jackson) and veteran artist Cody McCarver, captures the beauty of the surrounding Tennessee back roads amidst swirling blue rivers and green lush fields. And the song, written by the brothers and Evan Kennedy, relates the simple little things that come to fruition with loving family, friends and life.

As Smith & Wesley continue to experience “The Little Things”, momentum from their usic and fans continues to skyrocket. With an extensive touring schedule through 2017 and into 2018, the duo will bring the Smith & Wesley brand of music and extraordinary entertainment to Country Music fans everywhere.

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