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Just in time for Mother’s Day: Exclusive Interview with Country singer and songwriter Mindy Ellis Campbell

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Just in time for Mother’s Day: Exclusive Interview with Country singer and songwriter Mindy Ellis Campbell

Mindy Ellis Campbell is a successful singer and songwriter, having penned and co-written dozens of songs for other country music artists. She is wife of country star Craig Campbell and mother to two beautiful daughters, Preslee and Kinni. You can find out where Mindy is playing next by checking out her Instagram and following Mindy Ellis Music on Twitter. We discovered some of her favorite foods and drinks this week. Check out the interview below! 


Good Afternoon Mindy! Thank you so much for talking with Battered and Brewed! So what is your favorite recipe to make for your family?

Favorite Recipe – Spaghetti or Grilled Pork Chops w/ Wild Grain Rice

 If you had to pair a piece of music to this recipe, what sort of music would it be? 

I always listen to Sonic Tap on Direct TV – Big Band/Swing music while I cook and of course have a glass of wine while I cook!

 I know you are big into fitness, how does that play a role in your cooking?

I always try to center my dinners on what I ate that day.  If I ate heavy, I try to cook lighter for dinner and vice versa.

 When you are not cooking, where do you like go to eat?

For lunch we go to O’Charleys a bunch.  They have a really healthy meal that Craig and I both love –the Santa Fe Tilapia w/ Rice pilaf and steamed broccoli.  Or, we LOVE sushi!  We eat that a ton.  Our girls love Hibachi because of the volcano fire Lol.  We eat Hibachi almost every Sunday after service.  (That’s my big cheat meal) 🙂

 After playing or going to Craig’s show late at night, what are your go to late- night munchies?

My late night go to snack – Lays Original potato chips with a cold glass of milk!!  But I try not to do that very often!!!  Craig always tells me just go to bed and you’ll thank yourself in the morning!  Lol or we hit a waffle house and I’ll devour some hash browns – smothered, covered, peppered, and capped.

 How does food play a part when touring or being in new places? 

It’s hard to eat a balanced, healthy diet traveling.  I am a creature of habit and repetition.  When I am home, I usually have three different breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners that I rotate around.  I’m really big into counting my macros (fat, carbs, protein).  I usually stay around 35% carbs, 35% protein, and 30% fat.  I track everything I eat in an app called MyFitnessPal.  This is really easy to do when I am home but when I am traveling with Craig I have to take a little more time thinking about what I’m going to order.   I eat whatever I want, I just have to hit my macros!

 Any favorite kitchen equipment or gadget?

My food scale is my favorite tool in the kitchen.  I measure out my food daily.  This keeps me within my macros.  A basic meal for me for lunch is 3-4 oz. grilled chicken, 3-4 oz. sweet potato and 1 cup steamed broccoli.  I think people should measure their food…..  Portion control and balanced meals are key to staying fit.

  Funniest kitchen incident?

Funny kitchen story – Craig couldn’t get the gorilla glue lid off so he had this great idea to put it in the microwave to heat it up a bit and when he took it out it dripped onto my oven top.  When I went to cook that night, my pan got glued to the oven top.  I grabbed the pan and when I lifted it, the glass broke and stayed stuck to my pan.  I still have that stove and can only use two of my burners now.  I keep a cutting board over the hole!  It was very comical!!!  

 Are there any foods you or your kids just don’t like?

My two daughters eat completely different.  Preslee loves pasta, rice, etc.  She doesn’t like a whole lot of meat, but my five-year old is a definite carnivore!!  She eats all the meat off of Preslee’s plate.  Me and Kinni (my five-year old) are not picky eaters at all but Preslee (my eight-year old) and Craig are extremely picky.  Craig doesn’t like peppers, onions, tomatoes…. basically anything that gives the food flavor lol.  He has over-active taste buds, he says!!  Ha.  BUT if he doesn’t know they are in there, he’s okay with it.  So I chop up everything really small.  I think it’s more about the texture than the actual taste for him.  

 Where do you get your recipes? Any favorite cookbooks?

I Google all my recipes.  I usually find the recipe that fits what I have in my cabinets.  I’m not a very good meal planner.  So I have to use recipes that are basic.  I use a lot of spice packets…. Like Grill Mates or Taco Bell seasoning packets or Dales for my marinades.  I pretty much grill everything.  I don’t know how to bake.

  Do you have a favorite wine?

Our FAVORITE wine is Caymus Cabernet but we can’t afford to drink that daily so we found a more feasible wine that fits our liking and that is J Lohr Cabernet.  I drink wine almost daily……  usually one to two glasses a day…… Craig sips on one glass when he’s home and hardly finishes that one glass…  I can’t cook dinner if I don’t have my music playing and my wine glass filled!  Lol

 Finally for Battered and Brewed, if you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be and what would you drink?

I would love to have a glass of wine (of course) with Kelly Ripa!!  She just seems like somebody I would get along with and she cracks me up!!  Would make for a fun girl’s night!   Or Dolly Parton!  She is just so positive and happy.  I try to surround myself with outgoing funny positive people!


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