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Foodie Friday: Interview with Passionate Foodie and Award Winning Songwriter Adam Searan

Foodie Friday: Interview with Passionate Foodie and Award Winning Songwriter Adam Searan


Adam Searan is best known as NashNext Country Finalist and a award winning songwriter, but he’s also becoming known as a passionate food/brew lover. He regularly posts about food, brews, and travel on his Instagram.

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Who got you interested in cooking? And whose cooking style is your biggest influence.

Well my family is full of great cooks. My mom, dad, and grandparents were all amazing at making great food. So really it would only be fair to say my family altogether got me into it. Probably my Grandma on my dad’s side of the family is my biggest influence. She made the best southern food of all time. I was spoiled growing up!

What’s your favorite family recipe?

My mom’s spinach and meatball rolls hands down.

Southerner’s know good cookin’. What is your favorite comfort food?

Fried Chicken

What should every Southern kitchen be stocked with?

A huge fridge, iron skillets, a great deep fryer, a nice sized stove, and a variety of great seasonings.

Which is the dish you call your Signature dish?

Well, I actually love making Sriracha Ramen. I am huge fan of Asian/fusion style food as well.




Is there a secret ingredient that you love to cook with?

Sriracha mayo is awesome to fry noodles and veggies in. I also collect unique dry rubs.

Do you ever experiment in your cooking and eating?

Absolutely! In fact, that is my favorite way to cook. I like to make simple, quick meals, and try new things.

One food everyone tells you to try, but you just can’t get up the nerve.

I haven’t seen anything I wouldn’t try yet, except eating bugs… bleh …. No thanks

How do you take your barbecue?

Smoked chicken or pulled pork with slaw and a tomato on the sandwich. I like it spicy as well.

Most memorable meal while touring. Where were you and what did it involve?

I’d say it was the patty melt at a place called “The Float House” in New Braunfels, TX. The best burger/sandwich I’ve ever had in my life.


Most people have an in-flight cocktail routine. What’s yours?

I usually don’t drink when I fly, but Whiskey and water is my go to drink for all occasions.

What do you do on your day off?

Yard work, maybe a Tinder date, XBOX or PS4? Usually I hang out with my son honestly.

Fast food of choice.

Wendy’s or Whataburger (when available)

What can’t you control yourself around?

Dairy Queen

Favorite midnight snack.

Cocoa Pebbles

Does the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” still stand a chance in today’s world? Do you think cooking is a way to a man’s heart?

Yes, I have a saying, “Where there is good food. I shall be there also!” A woman that can cook certainly has an immediate advantage with me.

Being raised in Nashville you have seen the food and drink industry really boom. Name three food experiences visitors to Nashville should not miss.

Drifters BBQ in East Nashville, Prince’s Chicken, and Jeni’s Ice Cream

Finally for Battered and Brewed, If you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be and what would you drink?

Probably Miranda Lambert (my girl crush :P), and either whiskey/water or moonshine of some sort straight on ice.




Artist: Adam Searan
Description: Adam just finished second in Cumulus’s NASH Next Season One where he found himself being mentored by Big Machine Label Group’s Scott and Sandi Borchetta. As a result, he embarked on a tour with the Top 10 headlined by RaeLynn. He has inked a publishing deal with Demolition Music Publishing, LLC. Recently, Adam secured the Grand Prize win in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for his song Last co-written with Jon D’Agostino. This Nashville-raised singer/songwriter has had songs featured in prime-time hit series such as Cold Case, Miami Ink, All My Children, and One Life to Live.


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