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Foodie Friday with Country’s Newest Outlaws, The SLVR Tongues

Foodie Friday with Country’s Newest Outlaws, The SLVR Tongues

We love the story of how you met, after a long night of karaoke at a Western bar on the sunset strip! Is this when you decided to become a band?

Not exactly… it was kind of incremental as the puzzle pieces fell into place- James and Peter originally met at the same Western bar months before the karaoke incident. After said karaoke night, Hannah and James started writing songs together that they were really passionate about. Soon after, James brought Peter into the newly forming band to complete the sound and BOOM! The rest is history.

How did you come up with the bands name?

We threw out a handful of ideas when we were first getting started, and “The Silver Tongues” resurfaced later on because it really stuck with us. However, we wanted to put our own spin on it, and finally decided on The SLVR Tongues. People ask a lot about our name in interviews and what SLVR stands for… but truth is, we’ll never tell.

@theslvrtonguesTuesday to-do list:
1) Write hit song
2) Repeat step #1

Tell us about your weekly YouTube show.

SLVR SUNDAYS started for us when we were at this waiting point with the band…. we had just made the move to Nashville, filmed our first video, recorded our entire EP, written tons of songs…. now we had to kind of wait for the songs and the music video to all come to fruition and it was driving us crazy. We wanted to be CREATING. And we wanted to find some way to contribute to our fans that stuck by us waiting for new material. So we started this wacky show and we have a total blast doing it- from drinking games, to Peter’s ski trips, to bull riding…. we kind’ve just put it all in one place and we love doing it.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration or helped you chase your music city dream?

Each one of us has personal inspirations, but as a band we’ve been so lucky to have such supportive people by our sides. We have incredible friends and family that all support and share our stuff. As far as taking us to our music city dream, our manager Preston Sullivan has been so important to us. He somehow magically heard our first single “Johnny Cash” and instantly wanted to meet with us. We were an unknown band with a very short history creating together, and he just committed to us from the beginning. Sometimes you really need those people in the industry that just GET your vision and don’t try to change you. He asks us to avoid swearing as much as possible, but that’s pretty much it… he gives us complete creative control and really trusts and believes in us. We’ve become a little outlaw country family!

@theslvrtongues On set for the “Johnny Cash” music video shoot!

For someone not familiar with your music and live show how would you describe it?

Well we can’t help but bring the energy with us everywhere we go…. we’re all best friends that don’t mind embarrassing ourselves in public (or onstage) so we make many many jokes, often at our own expense. As far as the music, a lot of that depends of the venue. When we play acoustic shows, you really get a chance to hear our lyrics and it’s got kind of this realness to it the whole time (despite the self-deprecating jokes… actually that probably adds to it). When we play full band shows, this country trio loves to lean more to the rock side… Leather, Hair Flips, Electric guitar shreds…. you name it.

What was it like working with Jordan Richman on your debut EP?

Jordan is somewhat of a musical genius hiding inside a normal guy that loves oatmeal, caffeine, and George Clooney’s tequila. James had already known Jordan from previous musical ties in LA, and thought he would be a good fit. Having no other ideas, Hannah and Peter went with it hoping it would work out… Jordan has seen so much success since he agreed to work with some unknown band called The SLVR Tongues, we definitely lucked out on that one! He’s like the fourth member of the band in a way because he is such a big part of our creative process, and we’ve even written a few songs with him. He’s so much more than a producer to us, he’s a dear dear friend.

How are fans reacting to your new single “S-class?”

So far they’re loving it! It so exemplary of 21st century romance… so many people go back and forth with love, afraid to commit but afraid to leave. It’s so cool to play shows and have people singing your lyrics back to you. We’ve even had friends in downtown Nashville text us and say our video is playing on all the TV’s at a new bar… that was awesome.

What else is in store for the rest of 2017?

Well we’re writing and selecting songs for our upcoming album (yeah, that’s happening too) trying to plan some shows, possibly a tour, nursing hangovers, definitely more social media contests, many more episodes of SLVR SUNDAYS, and a bunch more musically controlled chaos.

Now for the Fun Questions! Who do you think has a better food scene Hollywood or Nashville?

That’s so hard to say, because anything deep fried becomes automatically delicious, but LA is more about healthier options and is definitely more experimental. Being that Peter is Swedish, it’s only fair to throw them in the mix too- European food is killer. At the end of the day, James misses some of his old spots in LA but he’s found a Pad Thai spot down the street from our house he loves, Hannah loves sushi and BBQ so she can get her fix depending on the coast, and Peter eats two (seriously, two) entrees per establishment, so he’s bound to like one of them wherever we go.

@theslvrtongues Another rowdy dinner in the home of The SLVR Tongues with our producer Jordan Richman, and the walking bar that is Danny Worsnop.

Is there a lot of differences coming from west coast food to southern dishes?

YES. Most noticeably butter…. so much butter. Like we said earlier, the west coast seems to experiment more with food stylistic fusions but also consistently maintaining healthy options. The South is more centered on a combination of tradition and taste. When you’re having biscuits, you’re having someone’s great grandmother’s recipe, not just store bought. This makes your tastebuds really happy but sometimes you eat so much you can’t move.

What is your favorite southern dish?

Nashville Hot Chicken! But we won’t say no to some homemade biscuits either…. actually, just put those two things together and call it a day.

Who is the bigger foodie in the band?

Peter definitely has the most refined palette of the band and has eaten all over the world. James and Hannah would just be happy with some Chipotle.

Who gets to pick where you eat out on the road?

Usually Peter. He tends to be the navigator on the road, and when given the choice, he always prefers to drive (which James and Hannah love).

After playing a late at night show, what is your go to food?

Bourbon… which is made from corn…. so…. corn.

How do you maintain a balance of eating healthy while on the road? Anything you avoid or try to avoid so you can keep fit?

It can be tricky if you’re driving through the middle of nowhere and the only thing you see is fast food. Ideally, you’d want to prepare and bring food from home, but on tours it’s not really possible. You just have to make the best choices you can and work with what you have. Frozen smoothies help too. On the bright side, when you’re traveling to places that have healthy options, it’s not so bad; we recently played in Key West, so the seafood was so available and so fresh. You can put ahi tuna on anything! We all put a huge emphasis on staying active. Cardio is your best and worst friend, but doing fun activities (like kayaking, hiking, swimming, and just walking around exploring a new town) can make it mutually enjoyable for all of us.

Aside from your passion for food and music, what’s the one thing that really keeps you ticking?

Laughter and Adventure! We’re all about living life and making memories that maybe we can somehow capture in our music. We love to have fun wherever we go, and we’re always posting about it on social media. The fact that James never remembers any of it is his own fault so we show no sympathy.

Finally for Battered and Brewed, If you could eat or drink with one person dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have?

We would eat with Gordon Ramsey at his own restaurant just to hear him critique the food the whole time, and possibly throw something. We would love to spend a night drinking with Ragnar Lothbrok, a character made popular on the History Channel show, Vikings… because, come on, he’s a viking.


Three friends, each with a different background and origin, came together to bring life to their passion and vision. By blending elements of country, rock n’ roll, and healthy doses of pop, The SLVR Tongues have created a unique sound that is entirely their own. Although forged in today’s country scene, The SLVR Tongues channel the heart and soul only seen in the renegades of the past. The band’s edgier take on modern country has led them to pioneer their own genre of contemporary “Outlaw Country”.

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