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Foodie Friday: The Reverend Shawn Amos Breaks It Down- Album Out Today

Foodie Friday: The Reverend Shawn Amos Breaks It Down- Album Out Today

Hi Shawn! We are so excited to have the opportunity to chat with you again! What has been going on in the world of “Kitchen Table Blues?”

Good to be back. We’re launching a “Kitchen Table Blues” podcast this spring.

You have a new album coming out soon, The Reverend Shawn Amos Breaks It Down, that must be pretty exciting since it has been a couple of years since “The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You!” Has anything changed in your life between then and now.. Is there a big difference in writing between these.

Yes, the album comes out February 16. It’s largely a reaction to changes in the country and my personal world. Both are pretty different. The songs are primarily freedom songs. They’re meant to inspire, help us reflect and remind us that we all do better when come together.

Where was this new album born in California, Tennessee, or on the road somewhere?

We started recording at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. We also did some recording with Al Green’s old band at Royal Studios in Memphis. Both places were inspiring beyond words. You can feel the ghosts. I also recorded an old freedom song called “Uncle Tom’s Prayer” a cappella from Clayborn Temple which was a staging ground for many civil rights operations.

Favorite lyric/song from this new album.

“Like Dr. King/I’m sticking with love/‘cause hate’s too big a burden to bear.”

What’s a song you may have written ‘just for you,’ but has had a lot of response from listeners?

Probably the album opener “Moved.” It’s the most personal song i’ve written in a long time. I’ve been really happy to see it on playlists.

We saw and are digging your new lyric video for “2017.” What was the best part about last year and what else do you look forward to in 2018 besides the new album?

Man, 2017 was pretty rough. I’m happy to see it go and hoping we pull it together in 2018. I’d say seeing my kids grow and this album birthed were the highlights.

Now for a little foodie quickfire round! What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Strawberry almond yogurt and hemp granola

What are your top three US cities for food?

Napa, New York, New Orleans (although tough to eat there, I’m not eating meat)

Favorite food to cook with that comes in a can?

Tomato paste

@therevamos shakshouka from @uprooted_colorado

What would your last meal on Earth be?

Fried chicken, biscuits w/honey, collard greens, mashed potatoes

How do you like your steak?

I don’t eat red meat, but prefer fish cooked medium rare. I make steak for my 12-year old who insists on seeing blood.

And finally would you rather only eat barbecue ribs for a year, or tell a barbecue pitmaster that his ribs sucked once?

I’d tell a barbecue pit master his ribs sucked then ask him for some sauce for my chicken.


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