Exclusive Interview with Uncle Si & The Sicotics

Exclusive Interview with Uncle Si & The Sicotics

Thank you guys for joining us! So we know Uncle Si and Marsha from the hit show Duck Dynasty and then Bridgette Tatum who is quite the singer-songwriter. Tell us a little bit about how you all decided to come together as a music group.

Bridgette: We didn’t decide! It was decided for us. I wasn’t even supposed to meet them. I got a call from my manager who said she was doing a charity event at Losers parking lot and I had a ticket to go home for the holidays, I’m from South Carolina, so I always fly back home. I told her I couldn’t do it and she goes, “just think about.” No one says just think about when you say you can’t do the show! So I didn’t think about it, I prayed about it and the answer was call your best friend and make her make the decision and that was the clear, concise answer. She said she needed to pray about it and I go, “can you hurry it up?!” because I have to change my ticket and then I said “well, I can’t rush Jesus!” She ends up calling me and says, “I know you want to come home, but I think there’s a reason you’re supposed to be there and I don’t know why.”

Marsha: Welcome to the reason!

Bridgette: Hours on the bus later, here we are!

You guys released your self titled EP this past December…What’s the story behind this EP? Can you give us a background of how it all came together?

Bridgette: Tell em’ about it, Si!

Uncle Si: Me and these two ladies got together and wrote this stuff. I thought, wouldn’t it be good if we actually got together and wrote these songs and started recording them and actually got a record label deal and go on tour and do this for a living? Well, everything started lining up and falling into place and it scared me, so I tried to pull the Jonah and run, but God said, “no, that’s where I want you to be.” So, he put two bird dogs on me… meet my bird dogs! They’re not going to let me go! I told them to move on and everything in me was screaming, get out now. The key word is screaming.

Bridgette: You don’t get spoken to that way unless there’s a whole lot of confusion going on and you kind of get spoken to in a small, still way and I was like “Whoa Si, wait a minute! That word that you said, let’s go revisit that word.” I’m really glad that we pushed on through, we got to make this music, we’re still here together and we haven’t killed each other! It’s amazing!

Marsha: We actually love each other!

Tell us about your new single “Throwback Man.”

Uncle Si: I’m a low-tech man in a high-tech world. Me and technology do not get along! I had to buy a cell phone and they tried to make it as easy as they could for me. They put a phone list in there, so all I would have to do is pull up the phone list. If I want to call Bridgette, I just click Bridgette’s name and call her.

Bridgette: Just one button!

Marsha: The shortcuts, they’re not short.

Uncle Si: I was up here for nine days and on the third day I figured I should call my wife and see how she’s doing. I pick up the phone and press call and then it said the call ended. I said, “what do you mean call ended?! I haven’t even spoke to her!” 30 minutes later, I’m still hitting this stupid button and finally it’s ringing and then I hear the miraculous, “hello,” and I said “hallelujah!”

Marsha: The small victories, right? I think that was the core of “Throwback Man” because that’s who he is and that’s who Bridgette’s papa was and that’s how my dad was, so it’s the core of who we are, and there are so many of us out there. More than you would think.

What would you say is the biggest thing you’ve learned so far in your musical career?

Bridgette: I’m going to go backwards on this, I’m going to let him take that! 

Uncle Si: Look, I’ve been on TV for five years and I didn’t have to do nothin’. Now I actually have to work at what I’m doing, which is a challenge! The music is a challenge. All I ever hear from them is, “your singing is flat, you’re out of tune, you’re not doing it right!”

Bridgette: You don’t always do it wrong, we’re just trying to constructively make you the best that you can be. 

Marsha: It’s also patience. I think we’ve learned a lot of patience throughout all of this and for us, when you let God lead, it will come.

Uncle Si: Part of this is God’s plan and that’s why we’re really in it. He’s got a purpose for us that we can’t see and we may touch people that if we didn’t do it we would never touch. That’s what it’s really about. We’re writing songs, we’re singing songs, and hopefully, while we’re doing it, we’ll lift somebody’s load, make them smile, make them have a better day and bring a little goodness into their lives.  

Now onto some food questions…

So we have to start with your iced tea habit, Uncle Si. Is this still a thing? I see you’re drinking a juice today.

Uncle Si: They set me up with this! They asked what I drink and I told them iced tea and they set me up with this juice. I smelled it and went, “ew, I don’t know about this, it just don’t smell right” and they said, “at least just taste it,” so I did just a little bit and I was actually shocked. It’s actually good.

Bridgette: We’re going to get him healthy!

How much tea would you say you drink in a day?

Uncle Si: I drink two gallons of tea a day!

Marsha: It’s unsweet! Not sweet.  

Bridgette: Sweet?! Do not curse me with that!

Uncle Si: I don’t need to be on a sugar high!

Southerners know good cookin’. What’s your favorite southern dish?

Bridgette: Oh mine is easy! That’s macaroni pie. My nana makes macaroni pie. It’s like macaroni on a different level that you have never been to. I cook a lot of food and I know how to cook southern food because of my nana. I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Uncle Si: I eat squirrel, ducks, deer, things I kill in the woods and fish that I catch. That might be crazy to some other people!

Bridgette: These crazy people made me eat boudin!

Marsha: I tried telling her not to do it!

Bridgette: I was in the middle of a radio interview and with the two of them on the other end of the phone and she brought it back for me for breakfast and I cut it. Never cut it!

Uncle Si: Everything just started oozing out!

Bridgette: That’s not food, that’s like a meat smoothie! Disgusting!

Marsha: I tried to warn her, she didn’t listen to me.

Bridgette: The lady who brought it to me has a video of me eating it somewhere. It was terrible.

Finally for Battered and Brewed, if you could have a meal and a drink with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have?

Bridgette: That’s easy for me. That would be my papa. If I could sit down with him, I would eat beans and rice and his hot peppers. I would just drink water and he’d have tea, but we would just talk. We wouldn’t even have to eat, if I could just have a minute to talk.  

Marsha: My dad. We used to have waffles with fresh whipped cream and fresh strawberries every Sunday, so I would have that.

Uncle Si: Mine would be my Grandfather because I didn’t get to know either one of them, so the meal would be totally unimportant. Just being with him. It actually makes me mad when I think about it because I believe a grandfather and a grandmother give kids something that they will not get anywhere else in this world. I didn’t have the chance to meet either one of them.

Bridgette: Maybe they could help explain some of this crazy mess about you!

Uncle Si: They may be the reason!

Bridgette: We can’t even call him hot mess, we have to call him crazy mess!

Marsha: There’s no explanation.


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  1. Charles Collins

    March 14, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    First time I heard Si sing and the first time I heard the song. I like it. I like the music, the sound and the song. It’s all good.

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