Exclusive Interview with Rising Country Artist, Kalie Shorr

Exclusive Interview with Rising Country Artist, Kalie Shorr

Thank you so much for chatting with us! You were named by a number of outlets as an artist to watch for 2018. How does that feel?

It feels really great and I just put out a record that I’m really proud of and to see the response to that on that side of things is really special.

You have a new EP out called “Awake” and you’re working your new single “Two Hands.”

Yes, “Two Hands” is out and the video just premiered on CMT and GAC as well. I’m really proud of it! It was super fun and very visual, lots of crazy colors. It was also my first video with a love interest, which was interesting because it was a lot more awkward than I thought it would be. He looked like Teddy Geiger, so that part was easy! There wasn’t any making out or anything that my mom would be ashamed of, but I had to drink an Old Fashioned to calm the nerve.

Tell us about the Song Suffragettes.

I started it with a group of girls. The first group of girls was me, Daisy Mallory, Janelle Arthur and Lena Stone. Kelsea Ballerini played our first show, Carly Pearce played our third, so it’s been a really cool 3-4 years of playing that show and watching it grow and everyone’s careers grow as well. It’s something that’s really close to my heart. We’re still at The Listening Room every Monday. I don’t play every week like I used to, but I try to go back as much as I can.

Do you have any interesting stories about how fans have been affected by your music?

I actually do with “Fight Like A Girl” being my first single ever. If you release an up-tempo party song, you’re probably not going to get that response, but I felt so lucky. It’s a hard point in your career; that first single, that first learning curve. Having so much positive reinforcement with breast cancer survivors, women who have survived abuse and even just little girls – I remember this one girl did a karate routine to the song and sent me a video. Just last week someone sent me a video of their daughters doing a choreographed dance with high heels and boxing gloves at their elementary school talent show. That kind of stuff you just put in your pocket for a rainy day when you’re on a tour bus and you haven’t showered in three days and you’ve eaten too many McDoubles and you’re just sad and want to be home. It definitely gets you through.

What you say is your favorite song that you’ve written?

My favorite one off the new record is “Damn Sky.” There was a review of it and someone said “I feel like this song picks up where ‘Fight Like A Girl’ left off,” and I hadn’t really thought of it that way, but it does and it’s just about making things happen for yourself because no one is ever going to help you as much as you can help yourself.

You have a tour coming up! Are you excited?

Yes I’m going on the CMT Next Women of Country Tour with Sara Evans and Rae Lynn. I’m really excited, it’s my first tour ever! We have about 15 dates. The first show is in New York City which I’m really excited about! It’s in Times Square. Then we are going up through New England which is my homeland, so my whole family is going to get to come to that first run of shows and I’m really excited.

Now for the food questions!

What is your biggest food related pet peeve?

Well, my manager is really weird about chewing. A lot of the times I will come in the office and I’ll be so busy and it’s the only time I have to eat all day, so I’ll be talking with my mouth full and he’s like “Kalie, stop!” and I’m like “I’m sorry, I’m so hungry!” As for my pet peeves though; there are only a few flavors that I don’t really like, I’m a pretty adventurous person, but I just can’t get behind wasabi. When you order sushi and they put the wasabi on a piece of the sushi…that’s a whole piece I can’t eat now. I’m real mad about it.

If you could be on a reality cooking show, what would it be?

I didn’t get into the Food Network until recently, but at this nail salon I go to, Iron Chef is always playing and it’s so intense! There was one where they had to incorporate fire and ice sculptures into their food. They made a smoker out of ice and it didn’t melt and I was like, “Oh my gosh, I would kill to be on that show!”

What was your favorite childhood meal growing up?

My Dad makes a really mean mac-n-cheese! It’s so easy to make and it’s one of the first things I learned how to cook. It’s just elbow macaroni and you put some garlic powder with it and you don’t even make a mac-n-cheese sauce, you just melt extra sharp New England hot cheddar on top and it gets really crispy. It’s almost more like a mac-n-cheese casserole and occasionally if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll put some buffalo chicken in it.

What are three things that are always in your refrigerator?

La Croix, extra sharp cheddar cheese and buffalo sauce.

Finally for Battered and Brewed, if you could have a meal and a drink with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have?

I would get buffalo wings with Tim and Faith!


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