Behind the Scenes With New Pop-Rock Artist DUSTY Video for “Roll With Ya”

Behind the Scenes With New Pop-Rock Artist DUSTY Video for “Roll With Ya”

DUSTY is a new pop-rock artist based out of Nashville, TN that features the musical talents of North Carolina’s, Dustin Newcombe. For DUSTY, food and music are a way of life, and the artist takes every opportunity to incorporate delicious food into his live music performances. On and off stage, Dustin can frequently be seen sporting clothes with the D.a.T Sauce logo on them. Being sponsored and supported by a hot sauce company offers more opportunities to integrate food into his music and live shows. It is not uncommon for Dustin to host dinner parties or VIP events where he cooks for his fans and friends. His most recent endeavor to combine food and live music was during the filming of a music video for the artist’s hit song “Roll With Ya.”

The party started early on a Friday and lasted well into Saturday night. The two-day family-friendly throw down was collectively filmed by two GoPro’s and multiple cameras that were passed around to all who attended. The pool-side party welcomed everyone from age six to sixty, and featured cuisine that gave the host an opportunity to show off his cooking skills and promote D.a.T. Sauce. By creating a dish starring the Cajun flavor from Louisiana, he managed to give a shout out to the company based in the bayou, while showcasing the unique flavor of the hot sauce. As an extra treat complimentary bottles of D.a.T. Sauce were given to the guests. 
When the sun finally set on Saturday night, the main event was unveiled: a pool-side live performance by DUSTY. People watched from the pool with a full belly as the band performed and footage was captured to create the “Roll With Ya” video. The weekend was a huge success and it allowed people to have fun, eat great food, and be a part of something entertaining, authentic, and exciting instead of a scripted video shoot. The pool-party weekend was an exceptional way to launch a new video and an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to have been there. Watch the video below.
Article by Corinne Burris

Instagram: @dusty_live
Twitter: @NewcombeDNA

About DUSTY:

Originally from Charlotte, NC, DUSTY is a high energy musical act that commands the stage. Five years ago, he sold his car, guitars (save for one), and most of his valued possessions to go out on the road and play music for a living. Needless to say he’s never looked back, and with good reason. His time in Chicago over the past four years influenced his transition from a rising country/southern rock artist, to a solid and commercially viable pop/rock musical act. Now based out of Nashville, TN, his new music is innovative, and totally fitting for today’s music world. A true success story, there is no need to look elsewhere for whatever turns you on musically.

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  1. Janet

    January 18, 2018 at 8:30 pm

    Love me some Dusty! Multi talented and a great guy. Keep rolling and don’t forget to bring the Dat sauce.

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