Tasting the Texas heat with Mark Chesnutt’s New Single and Hot Sauce “Hot”

Tasting the Texas heat with Mark Chesnutt’s New Single and Hot Sauce “Hot”

With countless chart-topping hits under his belt, Mark Chesnutt continues to spice up his prolific career with new single, “Hot,” the second release from 2016’s Tradition Lives. In conjunction with the single, Chesnutt has released his very own hot sauce, just in time for summer barbecues and celebrations. We caught up with him to talk about it!

We are so excited about your new single and hot sauce! What is it that attracted you to this song for the album?

It’s just a unique song and I always listen for something like that. I get pitched all kinds of songs, and we just go through and find the one we are looking for, this one came along and it just had that laid back beat, vocals, and melody. It just sounded like summer time. I live in Texas where it is hot just about all year long, so this song caught my ear really quick.

You have been crisscrossing the country this summer touring! How have people been responding to the new single while you’re performing on the road?

They love it. They are just now starting to hear it and the radio is starting to play it. The later in the summer it gets, the hotter it gets, and the more it will get played. Fans have really been responding well and liking the song. The guy who wrote the song Wynn Varble, writes the kind of songs that catches your attention and holds it from start to finish.

Are there any places you are excited to play this summer or can’t wait to get back to?

We cover the map in the summertime, that’s our heaviest tour time. We hit just about every state. The only reason why we don’t play some places is because we just run out of time. We love travelling and are excited about playing all of the venues. We really just love playing music. In September we are headed over to Europe, Scotland, and Switzerland. I have never been to Scotland, my wife lived there when she was little and always tells me about it. We go to Switzerland every few years to play a country music festival and it is a beautiful place. I am really looking forward to going.

You have worked with so many artists in your long career.. Is there anyone that you have not worked with that you would love to collaborate with?

I would like to record with Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr. I didn’t get chance to record with Merle Haggard, but I did get to hang out with him and talk to him a lot. I didn’t get a chance to record with Tammy Wynette either which would have been a lot of fun, but I did tour with her. But I did record a whole lot with my buddy George jones and I am really proud of that.

So tell us about your hot sauce. How did the idea come about?

We knew we wanted a promotional push for this song, and a guy that works for management is a foodie and he likes playing with recipes and things. So, we decided on a hot sauce. We messed around with some recipes. It’s made down in Texas with fresh cayenne pepper, that’s why it has such a different taste. It’s not so hot that you can’t eat it. It won’t burn your lips and tongue where you can’t enjoy it. It’s not like the vinegar strong and salty sauces. It just has mild Texas heat like we have in October in November.

Did you have to taste a lot of hot sauces to make sure it was just right?

Nope, I actually liked the first one. I just told them what I wanted and they came up with the right recipe and it was perfect for me the first try.

What’s your favorite food to pair the hot sauce with?

I like it on everything. We were on the bus not long ago and had the sauce with us. We stopped at an area with several fast food places since we did not have a lot of time to eat, so we had a lot of options to try it on. We got KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell and everyone got something different. We tried it on everything and it worked!

Besides the hot sauce is there anything the bus “must” be stocked with?

Everyone tries to eat healthy and brings their own fresh food, fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I will bring out some deer sausage. I love Venison, it’s one of my favorite things to eat. My sons and I deer hunt every year, so I try to bring some deer meat out on the road. I have a friend of mine that lives close that smokes the deer sausage for me. The guys in the band love when I bring it out. I really like fresh home cooking, seafood and Italian. I am not big into fast food.

What is the one food you sneak a little more of when no one is looking?

Fried backstrap, it is my favorite part of the deer. I try to steal as much of that as I can when no one is looking. My wife will fry up a big batch and I try to sneak as much of it as I can before the kids get to it.

For over two decades, you have toured coast to coast relentlessly, can you tell us about one memorable meal you’ve had during your travels.

Probably not just one! Some of the best food I have eaten is in Europe. I really enjoy the freshness and everything they cook. In Norway and Switzerland they use nothing but locally sourced food that’s not pasteurized. Their beer and wine is also great. I l just love to eat. But I will say some of the best BBQ in the world is in Texas. I will argue with anyone on that. Some of the best seafood I have ever had was on the NorthWest coast. They have the best oysters, shrimp, and fish.

Here on the gulf coast where I live, we have the freshest seafood. I have a friend that owns “The Seafood Lover” down the road and I will go there and buy fresh shrimp. I of course catch my own fish, so I don’t buy that. Being so close to Louisiana we have a lot of cajun spice and influence. I am closer to Louisiana than Houston, so the food here is real heavily cajun influenced so we like gumbo etc. I am lucky and live in the best place for fresh seafood.

What other hobbies do you enjoy when you need to unwind on the road?

I mainly like to hunt and fish and just get outdoors. I like to spend as much time outdoors if I can. If I can’t go fishing or hunting, I am happy just being outside at my house walking around the property.

What’s your favorite beer and wine?

I drink more Miller Lite than anything else because it’s crisp and not really heavy. But I also like European beer, the Lagers and Pilsners. They have a lot heavier beer than here, but it’s so flavorful. For wine, my wife and I like to drink Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. I also love a really heavy, strong cabernet with steaks or a Pinot Noir.

Finally for Battered and Brewed, If you could eat or have a drink with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have?

I would love to eat with Elvis Presley at Graceland and have a friend banana and peanut butter sandwich. I would have a lot of fun running around with him eating Southern cooking.

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About Mark Chesnutt:
A native of Beaumont, Texas, traditional-minded country singer Mark Chesnutt began his run up the charts in 1990 with “Too Cold At Home,” and followed that initial hit up with blockbuster 90s favorites such as “Brother Jukebox,” “I’ll Think Of Something,” “Gonna Get A Life” and “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.” Along the way, he has earned one Gold album and four Platinum albums. He has been nominated for several industry awards, and has a couple CMA trophies to his credit – including the 1993 Vocal Event of the Year prize for “I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair,” a hit for The Possum, George Jones. Chesnutt continues to be a touring favorite, with close to 175 dates on his calendar – which is booked throughout the remainder of 2017. For more information on Mark Chesnutt, please visit

Aug. 09 Jackson County Fair – Jackson, Mich.
Aug. 11 Goodhue County Fair – Zumbrota, Minn.
Aug. 18 Havelock Country Jamboree – Ennismore, CAN
Aug. 26 Sangamon River Music Festival – Mahomet, Ill.
Sept. 03 Millport Country Music Festival – Millport, U.K.
Sept. 22 Cabarrus Arena – Concord, N.C.
Sept. 23 U.S. Cellular Center – Asheville, N.C.
Sept. 24 Dorton Arena – Raleigh, N.C.
Sept. 30 Central Washington State Fair – Yakima, Wash
Oct. 06 Medina Entertainment Center – Medina, Minn.
Oct. 07 Q & Z Expo Center – Ringle, Wis.
Oct. 14 Municipal Auditorium – Nashville, Tenn.
Oct. 15 Showplace Music Hall – Memphis, Tenn.
Oct. 20 Arlington Music Hall – Arlington, Texas
Oct. 28 Coastal Carolina Fair – Ladson, S.C.
Nov. 08 Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater – Branson, Mo.
Nov. 10 The Center for the Performing Arts- The Palladium – Carmel, Ind.
Nov. 11 Meyer Theatre – Green Bay, Wis.
Dec. 01 Memorial Auditorium – Chattanooga, Tenn.
Dec. 02 Freedom Hall Civic Center – Johnson City, Tenn.
Dec. 03 Knoxville Coliseum – Knoxville, Tenn.
Dec. 08 Coach’s & Cowboy’s – Tyler, Texas
Dec. 09 Dosey Doe – Conroe, Texas

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