27 Artists Reveal: Best Southern Dishes We Can’t Live Without

27 Artists Reveal: Best Southern Dishes We Can’t Live Without

Charlie Farley- Any fried wild game

Bailey James- Fried Pickles and Nashville Hot Chicken

Logan Mize- Chicken Fried Steak

Fiona Culley- Biscuits and gravy

Will Hoge- The new year’s day meal: black eyed peas, cornbread, and cabbage with chow chow

Sarah Ross- I do love me some shrimp and grits.

Delta Rae’s Grant Emerson- I’m 90% vegetarian which doesn’t seem very Southern, but I love sweet potatoes in ANY form: baked, mashed, fries. My mother’s sausage biscuits & gravy breakfast is something I think about on a monthly basis. I ask for it every time I go home.

Julia Capogrossi- Jambalaya, my all time FAVORITE!

Devin Burris- Good ole fashioned ribeye and potatoes. I love to grill, and it’s almost a tradition. I eat a steak at least 6 or 7 times a month, so to say it’s a staple in my diet and one food I couldn’t live without is an understatement haha.

Caroline Jones- Squash or sweet potatoes.

Southern Halo-
Natalia- Oh man, I could write a book about all my favorite southern foods. But I can’t live without a big bowl of gumbo, a glass of sweet tea and a warm blueberry cobbler!
Christina- Man, my favorite southern dish is a big ‘ole poppy seed chicken casserole with a slice of cherry pie on the side.
Hannah- I am a huge fan of fried chicken with biscuits and gravy, and a homemade chocolate meringue pie for dessert!

Tommy Chayne- I don’t think could live without mac and cheese !!!!!!

Matt Rogers- Gravy, you pick which one

Doyle Lawson- bacon and eggs and it doesn’t have to be for breakfast 2. Good homegrown tomato sliced on bread with mayonnaise and add a big slice of onion and you have yourself a feast.

Crystal Day- I absolutely without a doubt cannot live without Mac and Cheese. It is my favorite food since I was a kid. What gets better than pasta and cheese? Pretty much everywhere I go, I have to try it! My mom makes an incredible homemade Mac and Cheese and whenever I go home, she usually will fix me a batch.

Jesse Rice- Where I come from in the lowcountry of South Carolina we have a local dish called Chicken Bog or Perlieu. It’s Chicken, Rice, Sausage and sometimes celery and onions all mixed together. So good!

T. Graham Brown- Squash casserole, cracklin’ cornbread and buttermilk, tomato sandwiches, pineapple upside-down cake, sweet tea.

Amber DeLaCruz- Smothered Pork Chops with tomatoes and garbanzo beans

Travis Rice- Gravy and biscuits! The biscuits are momma’s drop biscuits and the gravy has to be made with pork grease! Yum!

Sylvia- A staple of every authentic Southern meal for me is homemade yellow cornbread! Martha White brand cornmeal mix is a must! Also, you have to bake it in an iron skillet. The secret is after you mix together all of the ingredients, you pour the mixture into the skillet and cook it on the stove top until tiny bubbles begin to surface. Then, you pop it in the oven to bake. It comes out golden brown and delicious!

Mark Bray- Growing up right next to the Everglades means you can never go wrong with Gator tenders!

Smithfield- Texas Brisket and Tex Mex fajitas!

Clark Hill- Anything fried. And steak, steak and more steak.

Lucy Angel- Chicken tenders

Ryan Follese- Brisket hands down in the jam. Potato salad. Hot chicken. Collard greens with a little bacon in there. All things bad for you, but good for the soul.

Nick Hickman- Collard Greens, Green Beans, Pinto Beans, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Pork Chops, Sweet Corn, Chicken and Dumplings, etc.

Kayla Calabrese- Well, I am from NJ, but the best southern dishes that I have found here in Nashville would have to be the traditional fried chicken! It’s delicious!

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