We Tried RealEats, The New, Nutritious Food Delivery Service- So Let’s Get Real

We Tried RealEats, The New, Nutritious Food Delivery Service- So Let’s Get Real
 RealEats, is a newly-launched subscription service that delivers healthy, prepared meals by top chefs. The meals take under 6 minutes to make and are marketed to those who are busy and on the go. It is available to order in select states across the U.S. including Tennessee. Made by some of America’s top chefs using all fresh, never-processed ingredients, RealEats aims to make real food simple. 

Now let’s get Real..We were sent the box of the week to try featuring Glazed Chicken, Spiced Lamb Meatballs, and Buckwheat Soba Noodles.

Glazed Chicken w/ Spicy Ginger Sauce, Red Rice and Mustard Greens

I was very skeptical about this one with it being chicken and having a cook time of only 6 minutes. The chicken came out better than perfect. The rice was also very delicious. The mustard greens were just okay, but I am a girl from the south, so if there isn’t bacon or ham included in cooking and a little hot sauce I wouldn’t enjoy it.  

Spiced Lamb Meatballs w/ Garam Masala Tomato Sauce and Kale Saag

I was pleasantly surprised again on how much I liked the meatballs. I love a good pork or beef meat ball, but the lamb again made me skeptical. The flavor was enormous! I would pick this as my favorite of the three. Though I would make it unhealthy and add noodles. 

Buckwheat Soba Noodles w/ Smoked Salmon and Tofu

The salmon and tofu on this one was just not for me. I really have to spice up and sear tofu to eat it and the salmon scared me with it being raw so I won’t lie to you guys, I did not eat that part. The noodles however were great! Add them to the lamb dish and you win for me!  

The Verdict:

They were easy to store, quick, easy to make, and full of flavor. I would recommend it, maybe not these particular recipes (just not my thing), but there are a lot of choices and the website is easy enough to navigate to pick and choose what menu and week you want a delivery. Bon Appetit!



RealEats is the concept of working single dad, CEO and Founder Dan Wise. Set out to find a fast and healthy solution for his family dinners, Wise created RealEats for the busy, yet mindful consumer. “RealEats solves the common dilemma of trading off good health and taste for a quick fix,” says Wise. “We’re able to give our customers back 60 minutes a day by providing them with meals that are ready in minutes, with no compromises. There’s no prep, no cleaning up, no junk –just real food, made simple.” 

Each meal is made by one of America’s top chefs in collaboration with RealEats’ Executive Chef Katy Sparks, including Dale Talde, Bill Telepan, Kat Turner, Lien Lin, and Silvia Baldini, delivering healthy, at-home versions of restaurant quality dishes straight to consumers’ homes. Unlike other subscription meal services, RealEats is all in the bag – literally. Each meal is prepared in the RealEats kitchen, then vacuum-sealed inside food-safe, recyclable pouches locking in the freshness, flavor, and nutrients of real food ingredients. Meals stay fresh in the fridge for seven days from delivery. To heat, the pouches are simply placed in a pot of boiling water and are ready in 6 minutes. No microwaving or nuking required. 

RealEats is headquartered in Geneva, NY, in the heart of the Fingerlakes agricultural region of New York, one of the richest food sheds in the northeast. There, RealEats is committed to only using responsibly-sourced ingredients to provide a true farm-to-table experience for customers. Ingredients are non-GMO, never processed, and free from added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or junk of any kind. 

As RealEats continues to grow, it is also evolving by giving more options to its customers. Beginning this October, customers are now able to choose from an expanded menu selection, inclusive of a rotation of three newsignature chef dishes each week. Additionally, meal plans can be ordered in plates of 4, 6, 8 and 12.

RealEats is determined to make real food simple for the consumer and advocates the simple belief that we are what we eat. At its core, the company is all about the importance of eating real and RealEats is a proud supporter of Teen Cancer America, working with the organization, founded by The Who’s Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend, to help educate teen cancer patients, survivors and their family about the importance of real food.

RealEats is available for order in select states, with plans to expand in the future. To order RealEats or for more information, visit

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