Parker Willingham’s Holiday Venison Sausage Balls

Parker Willingham’s Holiday Venison Sausage Balls

For the holidays, I like to make Christmas Venison Sausage Balls. The recipe:

Mix a batch of Bisquick until it’s thick.

Then add in 1lb. venison sausage and about 2 cups of shredded cheese until mixed well.

Roll the mixture into individual 1-inch balls and place on a greased pan.

Cook until golden brown (roughly 15 minutes at 325 degrees).

Serving suggestion: Beer and horseradish sauce. (The sauce is for the venison balls; would not recommend it with beer.)

What’s childhood Christmas toy or memory still makes you smile today as an adult?
I loved Nerf Guns.

Do you re-gift and if so, what’s the last thing you recall re-gifting?
No, don’t re-gift.

If you were to draw your own Holiday Greeting Card, what would be on the face of the card and what the greeting say?
I would draw a deer in some kind of natural winter setting; the greeting: “buck off (and… happy holidays).” 🙂

What’s your favorite Christmas song or album?
Trans Siberian Orchestra – “Carol of the Bells”

What’s your favorite Christmas movie and favorite scene?
My favorite holiday movie is “Home Alone,” the scene where the kid defends the home against the burglars.

What was a Christmas family tradition?
Decorating the tree with my family.

What’s been your favorite song of 2017?
Morgan Wallen- “The Way I Talk”

Do you make New Year’s resolutions and, if so, what is it?
I do make New Year’s resolutions and every year, my resolution is to try to be more timely (to arrive at meetings and appointments). It’s an annual renewable resolution.

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