The Song Suffrogates Blow The Doors Off Sexual Misconduct In Video/New Project

The Song Suffrogates Blow The Doors Off Sexual Misconduct In Video/New Project

In the wake of the continuous acquisitions on sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry this group of talented women, decided to fight back.

The video features 23 up and coming songwriters.

“The women of Song Suffragettes are using their unique platform to add their voices to the current conversation on gender inequality and sexual harassment prevalent throughout America and on a local level within the country music industry.”

Time’s Up by Song Suffragettes on VEVO.

The proceeds from the sale of the song will benefit Time’s Up, an organization that created a unified call from women in entertainment to end discrimination, harassment and abuse of women everywhere.

The 23 voices featured in “Time’s Up” come from all over the U.S. and Canada and all have unique stories and musical directions. You can learn more on each participating artist here (women listed in order of appearance in the song): Kalie Shorr, Tasji Bachman, Chloe Gilligan, Savannah Keyes, Mignon, Gracie Schram, Tiera, Jenna Paulette, Emma White, Jordyn Mallory, Emma Lynn White, Regan Stewart, Kim Paige, Jenna McDaniel – Madison Kozak, Jenny Ray, Tenille Arts, Tristan McIntosh, Tia Scola, Alexis Gomez, Candi Carpenter, Trannie Stevens, Lena Stone (does not appear in music video).

About Song Suffragettes
Song Suffragettes is a collective of female singer-songwriters who perform every Monday night at Nashville’s Listening Room Café. With a mantra of #LetTheGirlsPlay, Song Suffragettes has featured close to 200 women in the past 3+ years resulting in multiple publishing and record deals for some of Nashville’s brightest talent. For more information please visit www.songsuffragettes.com.

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