Interview: Sir Rosevelt Drops Album, A Zac Brown, Niko Moon and Ben Simonetti Project 2 Years In The Making

Interview: Sir Rosevelt Drops Album, A Zac Brown, Niko Moon and Ben Simonetti Project 2 Years In The Making

In an industry where the right collaboration can mean everything, Zac Brown, Niko Moon, and Ben Simonetti, set out to work on a project unlike anything they have ever done. The result, a unique blend of pop, dance and in some cases that southern rooty sound we have grown to love from Zac Brown himself.

Co-writes with Pharrell Williams and a couple of songs co-produced with Timberland, each song on the album really takes on a personality of it’s own. Every track is a new experience to embrace.

We caught up with the group to do what we do best, talk music, food, and Christmas.

BB: We totally didn’t realize who Sir Rosevelt was and we fell in love with ‘Something Bout You’ before we even knew the history. When did Sir Rosevelt come together and how? Who came up with the name?
Sir Rosevelt: It’s been about two years in the making. When it started we were talking about wanting to make something a little different musically then what we had done in the past. Our influences in music are a kaleidoscope and we thought it’d be fun to draw with some new colors. We came up with the name one night in Atlanta at Southern Ground Studios. We thought that naming the band after a person was an interesting idea. We’re all fans of Teddy Roosevelt. He was this American renaissance man of sorts. We put a Sir at the beginning and played with the spelling and Sir Rosevelt was born.

BB: The new album just dropped. We’ve heard a few of the new songs already. What should we expect? More of the same sound?
Sir Rosevelt: Yes and no. There will definitely be more songs in the same vein as the first three to drop but there are also some songs that lean heavier in the dance vibe and some that will go a lil’ darker as well.

BB:  Do you think the new project will resonate with Zac Brown fans?
Sir Rosevelt: We hope so! The music definitely dives heavily into the pop and dance world, but there is this continual thread of southern-ality throughout every song. We wanted to see what it would sound like to take organic southern instruments and collide them into the electronic world!

BB: We know it’s like picking a favorite child, but do you have a track on the album you are especially excited about? Think of it like this, if you could only play one song to introduce Sir Rosevelt to friend, what would that song be?
Sir Rosevelt:  “Something ‘Bout You!” We think it’s at the center of our sound. If you like SBY then you’ll like the rest of the album.

BB:  As a trio of three seemingly attractive guys in the pop-ish zone, do you consider yourself a new age boy band?
Sir Rosevelt: Noooo. We are a band. We all play multiple instruments throughout our live show and wrote every song. Our album was mostly made on our tour bus huddled around a laptop with our guitars and keyboards.

BB: We see there is a show in Las Vegas coming up. Will we see Sir Rosevelt on the road in 2018?
Sir Rosevelt: You definitely will. We can’t wait for Vegas! Other than our Jimmy Kimmel performance, this will be our first live show in the US.

And now for the lighting food round…. 

What food fuels your mornings?? Fried eggs on avocado toast with a green smoothie, yum!
Do you cook? If so, What is your favorite dish to cook? Simple to make but hard to master – talking about spaghetti
What is your unhealthy guilty pleasure? That’s easy, Chick-Fil-A
Name 3 **three**foods you cannot stand to eat. Sardines and honestly, that’s it
You are at a restaurant, what drink do your order with your dinner? Water, gotta stay hydrated!
What 3 things are always in your grocery cart? Eggs (organic), bread (whole wheat) and cheese (all kinds)
As musicians you travel a lot. Do you have a favorite restaurant out there you have to visit if you are in a certain city? Delmonico Steakhouse in Vegas – soooo good
What is your favorite childhood cereal? Fruity Pebbles
What after show snack is your go to? Usually a Kind bar
Favorite sweet snack? Sucker for chocolate
How do you like your steak cooked? Medium rare only


  1. Sunday Finest *
  2. Something ‘Bout You **
  3. The Bravest **
  4. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us
  5. Hurricane
  6. For My Own *
  7. Robert Baker
  8. Take Your Love Away
  9. Slow Motion
  10. Let Me Go
  11. Infinite & Endless

* Co-written by Pharrell Williams
** Co-produced by Timberland

Buy/Stream Sir Rosevelt –> https://elektrarecords.lnk.to/SirRoseveltAlbum

Connect with Sir Rosevelt:






Stay tuned next week, for Christmas questions with Sir Rosevelt. 



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