New Music Friday: Megan Katarina

New Music Friday: Megan Katarina

Thanks for chatting with us, Megan! Tell us about your new album, “Being Crazy Ain’t for the Weak.”  

It’s a two part album (still on one disc). I divided it into two halves: Part 1: Anchor & Part 2: Wings with a poem to prelude each half. I love poetry and that’s how I got into songwriting, so it felt right to do that. I did it this way because it was such an emotional experience for me making this album and I felt like I was in a lot better of a place for having experienced what I did when I wrote the songs on “Wings”, whereas on “Anchor.” I was in a dark place and I wasn’t really awake to who I was or what I wanted/needed.  Basically the whole album is about self-discovery and finding worth through relationships. I wrote 8 out of the 10 tracks alone and two were co-written with my great friends. It was recorded in a studio with a live band and it was amazing. I wanted to just put my diary out there for everyone to see and hope someone else hears and relates and knows that they aren’t alone. That’s what it’s all about to me. You can download the album HERE.

What was it like writing such raw, vulnerable songs?

I don’t try to write raw & vulnerable, although that has apparently become my brand, haha! I just wear my heart on my sleeve and when I write I vent about what I know. I’m extremely sensitive and I try not to filter myself when I write from that place because it’s worth it when people come up and say that they know I’m sincere and it touched them in some way. Of course, it’s really scary and I experience the “vulnerability hangover” feeling of embarrassment sometimes for sharing so much about my life. Not everyone will get it and some will judge. It can be an anxious experience sometimes, but it’s empowering too, and it makes me feel brave. Also, you can’t have a real human connection without vulnerability!

Where do you draw inspiration from?  

I am inspired by nature. I write better when I’m outside! People and their weird habits and emotions (including myself) inspire me. As far as other artists, Lee Ann Womack, Kacey Musgraves, John Prine, Tony Lane (the songwriter), Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Ashley Monroe and John Mayer are all huge inspirations. 

What else is on the horizon in 2018 for your musical career? 

Once I release the album I will be touring a lot in my home state of Florida and playing some songwriter’s festivals there this summer. Also, we are planning to release a summer single video for “Doin’ What’s Easy,” a track off the album, but no guarantees yet!

Now onto some food questions…

Top three favorite foods. Go!

Ramen Noodles, Hibachi, and Chocolate Lava Cake!!!

We see you are from Florida. Favorite hometown restaurant?  

My favorite hometown restaurant in Florida is 4th street Bar & Grill in Sanford. I used to play there sometimes, but the food is seriously amazing. I always get Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls! 

Favorite Nashville restaurant?   

I love Demo’s Italian Restaurant! The bread is so good! I seriously love everything on their menu. Also, their food is pretty affordable. It’s just a great homey restaurant.

Can you cook? If so, what is your favorite dish to prepare? 

Yes! I’m not always the greatest but I try. My favorite dish is definitely spaghetti squash “noodles” with veggies & grilled chicken! And lots of garlic. Garlic is life.

If you could be on any cooking show, which one would it be and why? 

I don’t watch cooking shows often… but I used to watch Rachael Ray a lot when I was younger. This is probably a basic answer, but I would be on her show because she’s entertaining and I just get this feeling that she’s crazy and I love crazy people! 

If you could eat or have a drink with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have? 

I would have a drink with Shel Silverstein because I relate to his poetry and stories a lot and I think he was very intelligent and quirky and we would obviously have Corona-Rita’s with chips and queso, preferably on a beach!

Website: https://www.megankatarina.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/megankatarina
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/megankatarina/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/megankatarina
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/megankatarina

Download album HERE


Since the age of 13, Megan has been touring & playing out all over Florida and the US. Her band quickly gained a loyal following in central Florida, in addition to her nationwide social media following on Instagram and Facebook.

In summer of 2017, she moved to Nashville, and released her latest EP “3”, which is out on iTunes.  She just released her first full-length album “Being Crazy Ain’t For The Weak”, produced by Jared Anderson and recorded live at OmniSound Studios. She describes it as a “Coming of Age” album about what she’s learned in the 5 years since releasing her last album. It is divided into two parts: “Anchor” & “Wings”, with a poem preluding each half. She says “Being Crazy Ain’t For The Weak” is the most vulnerable piece of work she’s ever put out and is quite literally a page from her diary…or rather, 100 pages. The album showcases not only her unique artistry but her diverse songwriting ability as well.

Megan is also a valuable songwriter to her community, writing not only for herself but many other rising artists. Her song “He’s Seen Me Naked” placed third out of 2,500+ submissions in the 2017 NSAI songwriting competition. It also placed 3rd in the country division of the 2017 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. She was a co-writer on Tyler Rich’s EP, “Valerie”, which climbed to #5 on iTunes Country and #39 All Genres. She has also gotten cuts on Ryan Robinette’s “Hello Summer” EP & “Obsession” album, which climbed to the Top 25 on iTunes, and most recently, she was a co-writer on Tana Matz’ newest single “Lipstick Looks So Good On You”, which reached #5 on the iTunes Country chart and #11 in the iTunes Country album orders chart.

Respected for her original style, Megan continues to rise in the Nashville songwriting community and gain recognition through a loyal social media following and live shows alike. 

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