New Music Friday: Kimberly Kelly

New Music Friday: Kimberly Kelly
Thank you for chatting with us! Tell me a little bit how you got into country music in the first place – and has it always been country music?

My parents exposed me to country music, and they got it from the surrounding environment because they’re both from Texas. My grandpa Sterling Kelly fronted a band “Sterling Kelly and the Hearts,” owned a bar, made records, and toured in Texas. I’m a fan of all types of music, but as a performer, it’s always been country. Even if I’m singing something that isn’t, I’ll sound it. 

Do you have a favorite artist in today’s country music?

Several- Midland, Chris Janson, Brandy Clark, Cody Johnson, Cam, the list goes on.

Who inspires you musically?

I’m inspired by a lot of the acts from the 80’s and 90’s, and further back— Reba, George Strait, The Judds, I loved Shania Twain’s “The Woman In Me” record, Dolly, Lee Ann Womack, Patty Loveless, Brooks n’ Dunn, I could go on! 

You just released your brand new EP, Don’t Blame It On Me. Tell me about it!

“Don’t Blame It on Me” is the title track of the EP. The song was written by Ben Danaher and Brett Tyler, and when I heard it I saw the scene in the movie “Urban Cowboy” when Bud and Sissy met. I started plotting a whole music video. I loved the language in it, the melody, and the groove. Ben had sung the demo, but I thought with a woman singing it, it would bring a different level of confidence and interesting perspective to it. 

What else can fans expect from you this year?

I’m hoping to do a couple more videos to go with the music on this project! 

Now onto the food questions…

Being a Texas native…what is your favorite southern dish?

Anything fried honestly! Hard to pick a favorite. 

What was your favorite meal growing up?

As simple as it is, I love spaghetti, always have. I’d even order it from the kids menu when I was little at the Mexican restaurant.

Do you cook? If so, what is your favorite dish to prepare?

I do cook, but I enjoy baking more. It feels like a science experiment. You measure everything out and follow the steps, but you never know if it’s going to turn out until the end. With cooking, I feel like you cook and then it’s gone, but with baking, you enjoy it for a few days. I have a killer banana bread recipe that I make from scratch. 

What is your favorite restaurant in Texas and favorite restaurant in Nashville?

At this point – because I rarely ever get home – I always make a point to go to Whataburger. In Nashville, I enjoy going out to The Rudder, or just recently went to Sam’s Sports Grill. I like to sit out by the lake, eat and have a beer.

Finally,  if you could have a meal and a drink with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have?

My first thought would be somebody like Dolly Parton or Reba McEntire to get inspired, but after thinking about it, I would have to say Abraham Lincoln. I love learning history, and I’ve always had an interesting fascination with him. I’m not sure I’d eat because I’d be so interested in what he was saying, but I would drink a red beer or jack and ginger.

Download Don’t Blame It On Me HERE

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