Interview with Platinum-Selling Band, Parmalee

Interview with Platinum-Selling Band, Parmalee

Thanks so much for joining us! Let’s talk about how you guys got into music. What inspired you growing up?

Matt: Family! My dad played music growing up, his dad played music growing up, we played in church, there was always music around, so we wanted to pick up the instruments and do it.

You’re a platinum selling band and one of only four groups since 2001 to earn three top 10 singles from your debut country album, that must feel pretty awesome. What do you think it takes to make a great song?

Matt: Great melodies, a great title. We all write together. It may start on stage jamming a little something or someone might have an idea on the bus and we’ll go to the back and start working on it or someone sends you a voice message of something they mumbled.

Barry: There’s one rule about songwriting, there is no rule.

Josh: The main thing it takes is a great group of fans to let you know when you have a great song.

What is different about your current album compared to the ones in the past?

Josh: Completely different songs!

Matt: Production. We used different tools to make the new album and we had a chance to write with some different songwriters in town. We’ve been on the road for a while so we’re gearing a lot of the songs towards the live shows and the fans and that kind of thing. That’s just a snapshot of what’s been going on over the past three years of our lives and where we’re at right now and what we felt like wanting to put out.

Who would you guys love to go on the road with?

Matt: Bruno Mars!

Barry: I’d like to go out with Kid Rock.

Josh: I’d like to go out with Jason Aldean.

Scott: Zac Brown Band!

Josh: We can put that all together!

What advice would you give to musicians just starting out?

Barry: Get ready to work yo’ ass off!

Matt: If you’re not in it for at least ten years, don’t expect anything to ever happen. Don’t expect anything to happen overnight, you have to keep working. If you’re a songwriter, write a hundred songs. Most likely they are going to be bad, but keep writing. There’s always somebody that’s going to outwork you and you just have to keep your head down and be humble and keep plugging!

What else do you guys have going on for the rest of 2018?

Matt: We have a brand new single coming out soon called “Hot Damnalama.” We’re going down to West Palm to shoot the video on this cool tiki boat. That’s the plan so far! It’s all about the party, it’s all about the fun, we’re going to have a good time this summer. The party is always going to be there, we’re just here to facilitate the party!

Now onto some food questions…

Who is the biggest foodie in the group?

Josh: We all love food, but I love to cook food!

Matt: Here’s an inside on Josh, if you go anywhere that you’ve never been before, he will order the one thing on the menu that we would probably never get. He wants to try it out because he’s that guy.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Nashville?

Barry: I know mine! Virago!

Matt: Peg Leg Porker. There are so many great restaurants here though, it’s hard to pick one.

Do you guys have any bad, unhealthy food habits?

Josh: Of course! Pimento cheese is mine. I love it. You haven’t had the good stuff yet!

Barry: Pizza. Thick crust, loaded, all the way!

Matt: That’s the problem about pizza. I always have to order my own because I’m like, “I’m not going to eat your thick crust, don’t touch my thin crust.”

Josh: What about fried bologna sandwiches?

Matt: We have a Parmalee sample sausage sandwich, which is piece of hot Italian sausage split, grilled crispy on a fresh piece of white loaf of bread and we bend it back with a piece of sharp cheddar cheese, pickle and some mustard on it.

What are your must have snacks and drinks on the road?

Matt: The hot and spicy cheese nips! They’re always the first to go.

Scott: There are all kinds of chips, mixed nuts and cold Busch Lights.

Josh: We’re obviously beer snobs!

Finally for Battered and Brewed, if you could have a meal and a drink with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have?

Matt: I would love to have a steak and Busch Light with Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Scott: I’d have a cocktail with Marilyn Monroe. Probably a martini!

Josh: I’ll take fish tacos with Jimi Hendrix!

Barry: I’d do some champagne with Snoop Dog!

Website: http://www.parmalee.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parmaleemusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parmaleemusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/parmalee
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/parmalee

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