Country Music Duo, Indigo Summer, Talks New Album and Food Favorites

Country Music Duo, Indigo Summer, Talks New Album and Food Favorites

First things first, where did the name Indigo Summer come from?
Hope – We came up with the first half of our name because we played a round at Hotel Indigo back in 2010. I was fresh in town and Bryan invited me out to play with him and a couple of other people. The summer part of it became because we liked Indigo and we were just trying to come up with the other half. We had both of our parents sending us ideas which was hilarious.
Bryan – We had some songs written already where we kind of knew the vibe we wanted and we thought summer was a cool thing for us. It’s both our favorite time of year and a lot of our songs are what summer represents which is fun, so we felt like we connected to it.

You have a new self-titled album coming out. Tell us a little bit about it. What was the inspiration behind this album?
Bryan – This is our first album together and we co-wrote all of the songs. It was the easiest album I’ve ever written because the way Hope and I just clicked with the songwriting process was super easy and we loved all of the songs. There are 12 songs on the album and we wrote about 19 total, so to have 12 songs on the album that we feel comfortable with is a good feeling.

What’s your songwriting process?
Hope – Bryan and I just really enjoy writing together. We feel like we just click in a way that it just comes naturally. Sometimes when you go into a writing session with new people you don’t want to hurt their feelings if you don’t like an idea. We usually come into the writing process with some titles and we just list them all off to each other. We basically just choose one and go from there.
Bryan – It’s gotten easier the longer we’ve been together because we kind of know the songs and the vibes that we want to accomplish. As far as writing is concerned, I’ve always felt like Hope is the best editor for me because she is able to tell me the truth.
Hope – We definitely feel comfortable enough where we can tell each other if we don’t like an idea or if something needs to be fixed.

Your newest single “A1A” is fantastic. How would you say people are responding to it?
Bryan – I’m super happy with how people have been responding to it. We’ve gotten a ton of views on our video on our Facebook page and the feedback on that has been pretty awesome.
Hope – I’ve heard a lot of greats things about people loving the video and the song. We are really happy with how the video turned out because it almost gives the song a little more “mph” behind it.

You have opened for some pretty big artists in the past. Who was your favorite?
Bryan – I had a chance to open for Keith Urban once. It was a while ago, but that was pretty fun because he’s one of my favorites. He’s phenomenal.
Hope – I haven’t had as many awesome opportunities as Bryan, but if I ever got the chance to open for Shania Twain or someone I grew up with listening to, I would die.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?
Bryan – We have one more single to go this year and then we have our album launch which we are super excited about. That’s happening October 20th! We also have another video coming out as well.

Ok, now for some food questions…

Who is the bigger foodie between the two of you?
Hope – That’s a hard one to answer. I love to cook. My fiancé and I probably cook about four nights a week. I love food a lot. I would pick food over wine any day.
Bryan – I eat out at a lot of the new restaurants here in Nashville. I love to try new places.

@indigosummermusic If only every Monday included Pizza 

What is your favorite restaurant in Nashville?
Hope – There’s so many but I would probably say a nice, sit down restaurant. I love Fifth and Taylor and The Southern!
Bryan – My favorite steakhouse is Bob’s Steakhouse and my favorite restaurant is Urban Grub. My wife and I also order from Postmates a lot and we order food from this restaurant called the Silli Potato. It’s unbelievable. It’s baked potatoes with all kinds of different toppings. You definitely need to try it.

What is your favorite food to eat while on the road?
Hope – I like to eat chips and salsa and tacos or just anything really.
Bryan- I love some good BBQ. I took Hope to this restaurant when we were playing in Florida once called Sonny’s BBQ and it’s a chain but it’s so good.

What is your guilty pleasure food?
Bryan – Mine is a cookie skillet with some vanilla ice cream on top. It has to be hot!
Hope – Branching off of that, I love cookie dough!

Finally, for Battered and Brewed, if you could eat or have a drink with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have?
Hope – I would go to Rose Pepper and have some margaritas with Garth Brooks.
Bryan – My first answer would be Jesus. But I’d also say John Snow. I would have some wine with a big ole turkey or chicken bone kind of like the medieval times.

Indigo Summer Social Profiles:
Website: http://www.indigosummermusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/indigosummermusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_indigosummer
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indigosummermusic/

Indigo Summer is taking country fans by storm with their self-titled debut release. Featuring all original songs cowritten by the duo, Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix, the full-length album is sure to add a fresh and exciting sound to country music.
Meeting at a songwriter’s night at Nashville’s famed Hotel Indigo in December of 2010 (hence part of the duo’s name), Hope and Bryan quickly hit it off with their musical similarities. The two began writing together and from those sessions, their partnership grew to include performing and producing together.
As solo artists, they have performed across the country and opened for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Keith Urban, Jason Aldean and Charlie Daniels. As songwriters, they have had numerous cuts and TV placements, including songs recorded by Jason Aldean and featured on the Discovery Channel.
Just as their name suggests, Indigo Summer’s music is fun, sexy, and energetic. Their songs are true to their country roots but also daring to push the boundaries of today’s country music. Whether you are looking for music to crank with your windows down on a hot July night, or dreaming about sunshine on a cold December afternoon, Indigo Summer will take you there.

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