Amber DeLaCruz Releases Emotional Mother’s Day Song About Her Sobriety

Amber DeLaCruz Releases Emotional Mother’s Day Song About Her Sobriety

Last night as Mother’s Day came to a close Amber DeLaCruz released a song she probably never imagined she would release. A song about her journey to sobriety. A song she needed to release. “Even If” her momma heard it.

Grab the tissues, “Even If” is a heartfelt song that has never felt more genuine and real. DeLaCruz a Florida native, made the move to Nashville a few years ago to follow her dream of singing. As she settled in to Nashville so did her love for late nights, booze and partying. A lifestyle that caught up with her, just a year ago.

After meeting Jamie Grooms a fellow songwriter at a bar, with a glass of water in hand, a conversation began. A conversation about why she stopped drinking.

“I didn’t want my mom to get a call from a stranger that something had happened, and was brought on by my own stupidity,” said DeLaCruz.

Raised in church, and from a family full of faith, DeLaCruz knew her decisions would fall hard on the family that loved her.  But Jamie pulled out the songwriter that DeLaCruz never thought she was capable of being.

“As a new songwriter your goal is to write a hit song for radio,” she said. “Not to pour your life story out so everybody knows everything about you.”

Just over a year ago, on May 10th, 2017, DeLaCruz made the commitment to leave alcohol in the past. 

“For a whole year, I lost my ambition, direction and the reason I was in Nashville,” she said. “The weeks following my decision to become sober, I started to receive all kinds of opportunities. God knew what he was doing.”

Everyone struggles, Amber DeLaCruz puts her struggle out there for all the world to see.

Watch this video of of her singing, “Even If” and try not to feel every emotion she is singing.


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