14 Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

14 Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

There is no denying we are music junkies. These are the 14 songs we have on repeat right now. And you should too.

  1. Still Believe in Crazy LoveRyan Kinder

2. Tough GuysCaroline Jones

3.  Boom BoomDevin Burris

4. Best Part Of Me Is You Jacob Bryant

5. When You’re GoneSmithfield

6. Bury Me in DixieRiley Green

7. Wild As YouCody Johnson

8. Whiskey’s FineAdam Doleac

9. God Bless This Mess  – Jillian Jacqueline

10. FreeHarper Grae

11. The BlameSam Grow

12. When I Get ThereTrea Landon

13. Cold Beer Cole Taylor

14. End Of The DayDillan Cate

If you like what your hear, make sure you give ‘batteredandbrewed’ a follow on Spotify! We’ve put all 14 songs in a playlist just for you! Additional playlists to follow. 

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