Why Nashville Lifestyles “Bunch and Bloodys” is Always a Good Idea

Why Nashville Lifestyles “Bunch and Bloodys” is Always a Good Idea

Brunch is about so much more than eating; it’s a movement. It’s a religion. It’s a lifestyle choice. We are doing Nashville Lifestyles Brunch and Bloodys next weekend, and here’s why.

We Can Get Hit The Snooze Button A Couple More Times

Brunch takes place pretty much any time after you fall out of bed. So no need to rush out of bed at the crack of dawn, enjoy your slumber because you’ll need plenty of energy once you make it to brunch.

No Judgment For Drinking At 10am

Party in the daytime, anybody? Getting a little buzzed at 10am is bound to create some great brunch conversation between your friends and you. Let’s toast to that! It is probably not a good idea to pull out the bottle first thing in the morning. But, pop that booze bottle at 10am on Saturday, and everyone else wants to join in. Take advantage. Everything feels better with Bloody Marys.

Saying You’re Going To Brunch & Bloodys Just Sounds Cool

Who’s enjoying brunch on a Monday? No-one, that’s who. Making it known that you’re going to Brunch and Bloodys just automatically sounds good and makes you sound super classy. Let’s not forget posting the most epic foodie pic to the gram with the perfect filter and caption that reads: #brunch. You can thank me later.  Plus there’s usually bacon involved.

Brunch Bloodys Cover All Your Food Groups

Your parents worry that you’re not eating a balanced diet. Relieve their concern. A Bloody Mary isn’t complete without a celery stir-stick (“Look, Ma! A vegetable!); and a garnish of olives, okra, dill pickle spear, mini corn-on-the-cob, pepperoncini, and pickled asparagus spear probably fulfills the whole day’s nutritional requirements. Have seconds, to be sure.

Brunch Is Like A Therapy Session

You know what you did last night. I know what you did last night. Let’s be honest – everyone on Broadway knows what you did last night. Brunch is the perfect meal to talk it all over. What better way to relive Friday’s fun than over a great meal… and you guessed it, more drinks! Who wants to stop having fun just because the sun is up? There is plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead. 

You Get Company For Your Hangover

Still to drunk too cook and need more drinks to kill the throbbing headache you’re currently suffering from. Misery loves company, especially when that misery is a horrifying hangover. When brunch is an option, you never have to suffer alone. Something about the hair of the dog? Bottoms up! 

Bloodys And A Meal For $25 Bucks

You can bum food off your coworkers on Monday.

Honestly, I can go on for days about why brunch and bloodys is an amazing idea. If you don’t want to feel like a complete waste of life all day, get your self together and get your tickets. You’ll totally feel productive for, like, two hours next Saturday.

Nashville Lifestyles’ Brunch & Bloodys

Because brunch without booze is just breakfast…
November 19, 2016 — 10 a.m.-Noon
Union Station Hotel

This year’s participating restaurants are:  1808 Grille Another Broken Egg Cafe Carter’s Frothy Monkey Homestead Manor Josephine Kitchen Notes Prima Sinema Sprinkles Wild Eggs

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